Samantha Armytage finally spills the tea about her ‘secret lover’

After her staggering 10kg weight loss!
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Morning show host Samantha Armytage has revealed some very interesting details about her current love life.

The Sunrise host sat down for a chat with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to discuss her very impressive and recent 10 kg weight loss and exciting upcoming projects, but ended up spilling some juicy details about her ‘secret lover’.

WATCH to see what else Samantha had to say about her new mystery man!

The conversation started with Kyle and Jackie praising the Channel Seven tv presenter’s 10kg weight drop, but it wasn’t long before Kyle was grilling the anchor about her rumoured romance.

“Are you sure it’s the Weight Watchers that’s taking the weight off, or is it the love making with the news love?” the outspoken shock jock asked.

Blushing, Samantha replied: “What new lover?”

“I know you don’t talk about it – that’s why I brought it up. There’s got to be someone!” Kyle pressed.

“There’s some interest – I’m in a good spot in my life,” Samantha answered coyly, before admitting she never talks about her relationships, even with co-host Kochie, until she’s “100 percent sure – like almost married to them”.

samantha armytage
Sam shows off the result of her 10kg weight loss at the InStyle Women of Style Awards in May (Credit: Getty Images)

Samantha hinted her new man is not in the public eye, adding: “They romance me – I don’t do any work. The people I date don’t want to be in the papers.”

Kyle seized on her comment, demanding: “So what you’re saying is, you need no assistance in love. You’ve got a secret lover. Is that what you’re saying?”

The Australian journalist seemed to confirm speculation by bashfully replying: “Possibly. There’s good things happening. Don’t you worry about me.”


It’s an exciting time for the popular Sydney-based TV host who announced her new role with legendary weight loss company Weight Watchers late last month.

Posting a stunning photo on social media in her activewear, Samantha told fans: “Thrilled to announce I’m joining forces with @ww as their newest ambassador!”

The news presenter continued her post by praising the company’s change of marketing direction, before joking about her own figure: “Very excited about this modern, holistic company, which is now all about WELLNESS rather than just weight loss (although losing a few kg’s has been a nice bonus😂👍)”

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