Sam Frost goes bare again in latest Instagram post

The Bachelorette wants her young fans to know she really looks like

Australia’s favourite Bachelorette Sam Frost wants followers to know she’s a normal person, taking to Instagram with a make-up free selfie.

Known for her honesty, 26-year-old was open with her followers about how she originally intended to share a well made-up snap but admitted it ‘completely defeats the purpose’ of posting photos.

Sam captioned the selfie, ‘I’m not going to lie.. I spent 10 minutes fiddling around, more contrast, more highlight, less shadow, to try and make the dark circles under my eyes not look so harsh. Then I had the realisation.. that it completely defeats the purpose of posting photos of me, just being me.. So I reverted everything & here’s the raw pic.’ 

Sam Frost: Before and After (Credit: Instagram / Sam Frost)

 It isn’t the first time Sam has urged her younger fans to think twice about what “beauty” looks like — she also posted this make up free pic months ago.

Sam Frost 2015 no make-up selfie (Credit: Instagram / Sam Frost)

Sam captioned this photo ‘I feel very flattered when young girls comment on my photos or send me DM’s about how much they look up to me & they want to be as pretty as me. Which is so lovely and adorable, but this is the every day me… no filter, no edits, dark circles, messy hair, break outs, uneven skin tone. And I wouldn’t change anything about myself! What you see in magazines & on TV is the result of hours in the makeup chair with very talented H&MU Artist – I’ve said it before, but it’s what I live by… love yourself, be yourself, exactly the way you are xo’

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