WATCH: Sam Armytage takes over reading news as Natalie Barr chokes live on air


Samantha Armytage was forced to step in and take over reading the news after Natalie Barr began choking live on air.


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The newsreader was discussing the latest tax cut bill when her voice became faint and she struggled to breathe.

‘The Federal Government’s $158 billion tax cut plan has passed the lower house overnight,’ she said, as her eyes became red.

(Credit: Channel 7)

The 51-year-old then paused to take a breath and clear her throat.

‘I must just take over here because Nat’s choking a little bit,” Sam is heard saying. “So we’ll keep going with the news while she recovers.’

Later in the show, the Nat told Sam, David Koch and Mark Beretta that it was a spec of dust that caused the issue.

‘Are you ok?’ a concerned Sam asked.

‘Yeah I’m ok,’ she said. “I just breathed in a bit of dust or something and then I just was choking, but apart from that I’m fine.”

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