Sam Armytage teases her TV return

But it will take a few very important things to bring her back.
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She’s not long left Sunrise, but Sam Armytage is already teasing her return to the screen. But it will take a few very important things to bring her back.

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After Sam, 44, bid farewell to her long-running gig as host of Sunrise, her co-workers and fans mourned the loss of her presence on the morning show couch.

However, in delightful news, Sam has confessed that, although she is currently in the podcasting game, her television career is most definitely not over. 

Sam Armytage
Sam Armytage has confessed what it will take to make her return to TV. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Sam revealed what it will take to bring her back to the TV screen.

“I don’t think I am done with TV,” the 44-year-old told the publication. “I am for now but I may some day get back in but it has to be the right role and it has to be at the right time.”

The presenter went on to confess that whatever future projects she embarks on will have to be much different to what she has done up until now, as they didn’t bring her “much happiness”.

sam armytage sam mac kochie
Sam Mac just recently spoke out about breakfast TV’s revolving door. (Credit: Instagram)

The journalist explained: “I am quite happy not to go at the pace or at the level I was at before because I don’t think that brought me much happiness.”

Sam went on to admit that a lot of people have warned her not to be “choosy” when it comes to job opportunities, but she thinks she’s reached a point in her life where she can afford to be a bit selective. 

kochie natalie barr
Natalie Barr has replaced Samantha as host of Sunrise. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Just yesterday, Sunrise’s weatherman Sam Mac spoke out about the revolving door that is morning TV, telling Yahoo!, that “shuffling is just part of breakfast TV.” 

He went on to speak about Sam’s departure from the show and how the dynamic has changed since Natalie Barr has taken up the “hot seat.”

“You know, I miss Sam [Armytage],” the weatherman told the publication. “I think Sam was wonderful on the show, and we’re friends and it’s a big loss. But at the same time, Nat can do the show and she has done the show so many times.”

“She’s always been the news person and now she’s in the host seat and I think it’s breathed a little bit of freshness into the show as well.”

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