Ryan Gallagher’s cheeky swipe at TV ‘wife’ Davina Rankin

The feud from 2018 continues...
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Former Married at First Sight groom Ryan Gallagher has made quite the savage comment about his ex- ‘wife’, Davina Rankin, whom he was married to on the show’s fifth season in 2018.

WATCH BELOW: Ryan Gallagher spills on ‘ex wife’ Davina Rankin’s affair

Davina arrived in the so-called Australian jungle last night to compete on this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Australia, which Ryan starred on two years ago.

Ryan, seeing his old flame appear on his screen, took to Instagram to address it.

“Yes, I am very aware that my ex-wife is on a TV show. I’m quite aware of it,” he reassured his followers.

“No, I don’t wish her any bad at all,” he continued.

“It’s a shame it wasn’t filmed in South Africa … where cheetahs are native,” he joked, taking a not-so-subtle dig at Davina’s on-screen infidelity.

Davina entered the jungle last night. (Credit: Ten)

It wasn’t the first time Ryan had taken a public dig at Davina, nor was it the first time he’d used the term “cheetahs” to make the point.

Entering the jungle in 2020, Ryan said, “I’m up for meeting animals – giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs. I’m used to a lot of cheetahs … e.g. cheating.”

He also used his time on the season to give insight into his experience on MAFS, and how Davina’s “affair” with fellow cast member Dean Wells made him feel.

It’s been two years since Ryan was on I’m A Celeb himself. (Credit: Instagram)

“We were on the honeymoon, and we were intimate and stuff like that. It was all pretty flash. So, you sort of got lost in the moment,” Ryan told his campmates in 2020.

“And as we were flying back from the honeymoon, as we were landing, she [Davina] goes, ‘You know when we get back, we can meet other people and you can hook up with anyone’,” he explained.

“It was awkward, because you both have to hold ‘leave’ and she wrote ‘stay’ … because she wanted to be with Dean,” he said, referring to the infamous commitment ceremony where their short-lived marriage blew up.

“I’ve got to live with her for another week …  knowing she cheated on me. I had to take her to my parent’s place. I’ve only introduced four girls to my family.”

Davina with her former MAFS flame, Dean Wells. (Credit: Nine)

Davina gave no indication that Ryan’s recollection bothered her, telling The Daily Mail at the time that she hadn’t “heard or watched anything, so I don’t actually know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t need to make any comment, it’s pretty irrelevant to me.”

Upon her arrival last night, Davina addressed the intense trolling she received after her time on MAFS.

“I think a lot of people remember me as the villain … I guess every show needs its villain. I was the most trolled person in Australia,” said the reality TV star, who is now a mother of one.

“It was a tough time, but I mean, it has made me very resilient. If I can get through that, I think I can get through almost anything. I am truly ready for it.”

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