How Rodger Corser and Christine Anu co-parent their talented daughter Zipporah

She's their pride and joy!
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When it comes to forgotten celebrity romances, fans are often left gob-smacked when they learn that actor Rodger Corser and singer Christine Anu were together for six years many moons ago.

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And their meet cute is the stuff of showbiz fairytales with the performers falling in love after they worked with one another in the wildly successful 1998 musical production Rent, which toured Melbourne and Sydney.

Landing the role of a HIV-positive musician Roger Davis, the Doctor Doctor actor starred alongside Christine Anu, who played erotic dancer Mimi.

Their stage romance spilled into the real world and the musical theatre sweethearts were soon catapulted into A-list power couple territory.

Rodger Corser and Christine anu
Rodger and Christine were together for six years before going their separate ways. (Credit: Getty)

“I went to an open audition for Rent and that was my first gig. That’s how it all happened for me. You get an agent after that because you’ve already got a role and then they send you to castings,” Rodger told the Herald Sun of his breakout role.

The pair welcomed daughter Zipporah together in 2002 and while their relationship didn’t last, they have continued to harmoniously co-parent their only child together.

Following in her famous parents’ footsteps, the stunning 19-year-old completed her final year 12 exams last year at a performing arts high school and is looking forward to pursuing her musical ambitions.

rodger corser christine anu daughter zipporah
The pair share a daughter, Zipporah, who they welcomed in 2002. (Credit: Instagram)

“Zipporah goes to a performing arts school and sings like her mum [Christine], so she’ll probably go into the business,” Rodger previously told TV WEEK of his eldest child.

While Christine is making sure her daughter is fully aware of just how tough the entertainment industry can be.

“She’s a rising performer herself and I guess every element of choices I’ve made throughout my career are a model for her to follow,” she told Now To Love last year.

rodger corser daughter zipporah
“Zipporah goes to a performing arts school and sings like her mum.” (Credit: Instagram)

She went on to add: “Everything that I’m doing to prepare and every way that I present myself in the public and on television and the choices of jobs that I take, are all things that she will take, or not take from.”

“I wanted her to pave her own way as someone that’s not a performer because it’s not as glamorous as what it’s set out to be. Most of the time you get told no! It’s a hard industry and you’ve got to toughen up but I’ll always be there for her.”

Rodger also shares three children with wife Renae Berry, son Budd, daughter Cilla, and son Dustin. While Party hitmaker Christine has an older son, Kuiam, from a previous relationship.

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