Robert Irwin receives “honour” once given to Steve Irwin

And his reaction is just so wholesome.
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Wildlife Warrior Robert Irwin has had a new species of animal named after him, following in the footsteps of his late father, Steve Irwin.

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The 20-year-old8 conservationist has inspired the moniker of a new snail.

After using DNA testing to discover four new new species of the animal, scientists named one ‘robertirwini’ – or the Robert Irwin’s banded snail. Its scientific name is figuladra.

Touched by the moniker, the I’m A Celebrity host called the gesture “a huge honour”. 

Robert Irwin has had a snail named after him. (Credit: Instagram)

“This is the Robert Irwin’s Banded Snail,” Robert said in a video on his Instagram, sharing a photo of the newly discovered snail. “Have a look at him, isn’t he cute?” 

Found in South East Queensland, Robert called the snail and its name “particularly meaningful” due to his focus on habitat preservation.

The 20-year-old insisted that he is not only interested in “protecting the big iconic series”, but also the smallest of the world’s creatures.

“I love snails and they’re definitely in need of our protection. These little legends are so cool and a very important part of the ecosystem,” Rob said.

His late father, Steve Irwin, also had a snail named after him. (Credit: Getty)

Robert’s mother Terri irwin also reacted to the news, commenting: “Tremendous honour! What a special little creature!”

She wasn’t the only one touched by the news, with one fan penning: “Your pappa would be so proud of your passion, dedication and love for all animals. Keeping his legacy going. Well done mate. You have SNAILed it!”

Another added: “Think your dad would be pretty proud>”

Indeed, Robert is following in the footsteps of his late father, who has also had a Queensland native snail named after him – named the Crikey steveirwini. 

The Irwin family are big conservationists. (Credit: Instagram)

And that’s not all. After catching an unknown female turtle in northern Queensland, Steve sent photos to a turtle expert who confirmed it was a new species. It was then named after the Crocodile Hunter, given the moniker Elseya irwini – or the Irwin’s turtle. 

Then there’s Terri, whose name was given to a fast little spider found in a Queensland rainforest – the Leichhartdeus terriirwinae.

Robert’s sister Bindi Irwin, meanwhile, was named after Steve’s favourite crocodile, and means “little girl” or “butterfly” in the Aboriginal language of Noongar.

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