Pink & Carey’s Make Or Break Move To Australia

A change of scenery is just what the therapist ordered
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Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, are eyeing a semi-permanent move to Australia as part of a “new chapter” in their sometimes-rocky relationship.

Throughout her 17-year marriage Pink, 43, has never shied away from talking about how hard she and Carey, a former motocross rider, need to work to keep their marriage chugging along – including attending couples therapy.

WATCH NOW: Pink talks about getting marriage counselling with her husband. Article continues after video. 

“This is what they teach us in marriage counselling: remorse, regret, resolution,” she told the crowd during a concert in London last month. 

With a knowing smile, she added: “I’ll start that tomorrow.”

No doubt Pink will be keeping this lesson front of mind when she, Carey, and their two children, daughter Willow, 12, and son Jameson, six, base themselves Down Under for her upcoming Summer Carnival tour. 

Relocating to the other side of the world will be the “ultimate test,” says the source. (Credit: Getty)

The family is reportedly hunting for some land to buy locally that they can eventually build their dream Southern Hemisphere escape pad on. 

The one criteria from the kids? Enough space for a dirt bike track like the one they already have at home! 

“Pink and Carey have set a string of goals and all of it is hinging on Australia,” shares our insider. 

“If they can work through their issues with the aim of having a great Christmas and New Year, then Australia will be the ultimate reward.”

Pink will be bringing her family Down Under for her Summer Carnival Tour in February 2024. (Credit: Getty)

Pink and Carey’s union has always run “hot and cold and everything in between”, says the source. They even split in 2008 before reconciling two years later.

“Pink admits there were times when things got so tense that being stuck at home seemed like a pressure cooker,” continues the source. 

“This is a woman who admitted she once slashed Carey’s tyres during a particularly heated Thanksgiving. She can be testy!”

The last three years have certainly been trying for the couple. Along with mourning the death of Pink’s father, they’ve faced both illness and bullying with their kids. Carey, 47, also underwent a serious operation on his spine and neck.

The couple’s bike mad kids are hoping for an Aussie home with lots of outdoor space! (Credit: Getty)

“That shook all of them, to see him so vulnerable,” says the source. 

“While he’s on the mend, the dynamic in their marriage changed. Pink took her role as a caregiver very seriously, but now there are concerns over his self-care – or lack thereof. She worries about him. 

“Truthfully, if they can get through these next six months, Australia will be such a special time.

Setting up their much-longed-for dream base Down Under where they can escape the wintry months will be just what the doctor ordered.”

Pink has long considered Australia her second home. In February this year, she even admitted she has been “looking into” applying for citizenship.

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