Comedian Peter Rowsthorn is laughing his way onto Celebrity Amazing Race!

Get ready for plenty of dad jokes.
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Ready, set, race! This week, 11 celebrities and their chosen teammates set off the a trip of a lifetime in order to win $100,000 for charity on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

Just one of those famous Aussie faces is Kath & Kim’s Peter Rowsthorn, who, alongside his daughter Frankie, is set for one seriously funny journey!

Talking to New Idea, the adventurous pair spill the beans on their travelling dynamic, and why their chosen charity, All Stars for Autism, means so much to them.

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This show tests even the strongest of people. How confident are you both that you’ll work as a team together?

PETER: Very confident Frankie and I will be fine. We both share the great skill of not overthinking things. This could well be a disadvantage in the end but hey… don’t overthink it, right?!

FRANKIE: I think we will be pretty strong as a team; we don’t get frustrated easily and we can always go with the flow, but to be honest… we’re both pretty dumb!

The father- daughter duo are ready to trek across the world and have fun in the process. (Credit: Channel Ten)

You’re competing in the race on behalf of All Stars for Autism. What would winning mean for you and the charity?

P: This would be a huge deal for All Stars for Autism as they are a very small startup based in Perth with very little help.

F: I’ve done a couple of charity gigs before, but nothing of this magnitude – it’s super exciting! And even better that it was one of our choices, which makes everything much more personal and important.

Is there a personal connection to the charity?

P: Yes, our grandson Oliver-Peter (Opie) who splits time between us and his dad Hayden, has autism. I’m sure he’d like to see us on the telly, then again, he’s more than happy building train tracks with any of us.

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Spotted: Emma Wiggle with comedian Peter Rawsthorn. (Credit: Channel 10)

Which area do you think you’ll excel at? Physical, mental, interacting with locals, or clue solving?

P: Not overthinking and having as much fun and laughter as possible in ridiculous situations.

F: None of the above.

Which parts of the world are you most excited to be tested in?

P: At 60, excelling at physical things becomes an issue. I’ve been getting cortisone injections and weird lube in my knee just to get in and out of vehicles and to run a little.

F: I would love to be tested in any Disneyland, I’ve only been to one, but it was honestly the happiest day on my life. I feel like I’d be so good at cutting in lines and I’d be so nice to Snow White.

“I miss playing Bretty on Kath and Kim.” (Credit: ABC)

What have you guys got in the pipeline work-wise for the next year?

P: I’m doing Chicago the musical nationally for the next six months. I’m happy I’m still employable at 60.

Would you consider any more reality or game shows?

F: Depends what show I guess, maybe! I’m really focusing on stand-up right now though.

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition airs this Wednesday at 7:30pm on Network 10 and 10 Play.

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