Osher Gunsberg’s amazing body transformation

You won't recognize him now!

Osher Gunsberg, who has previously admitted he suffered from body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression, recently unveiled his amazingly buff body for the latest issue of Men’s Health.


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(Photo of Osher Gunsberg ‘after’ transformation: Damian Bennett for Men’s Health)

The Bachelor host underwent a 10-week MH challenge that saw him come off his anti-psychotic medication and discover the blueprint to change his life. Going from 83kg down to 76kg, the 44- year-old admitted: ‘When I started the challenge, I knew I had to put something in place of where the meds had been.

‘What I’ve found these last few months is that my response to triggers has just been dulled so much. I’ve found a way to take the edge off the world again through exercise,’ Osher said.

Osher has openly discussed his issues with mental health in the past and he penned a piece for The Sydney Morning Herald after he was ‘body shamed’ by Daily Mail for his ‘Bali belly’.

‘Being a man in the western world doesn’t come without complications. Sure, we’re awash in the finest of privileges, but there are some stark realities and pressures faced by men, too, that actively contribute to mental instability and gravely decreased emotional states,’ he admitted.

‘Body dysmorphia and the desire to be “fit and ripped”, powerful and handsome, like their male idols and celebrity worshipped heroes, leads many men down a garden path to feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred.’

Men's Health
(Credit: Men’s Health)

Check out Osher’s transformation in the latest issue of Men’s Health, on sale now.

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