Nikki Webster – 16 years after the Sydney Olympics

The former child star is now living a very different life
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It’s hard to believe it was 16 years ago that little Nikki Webster stole the hearts of the nation – and the world – at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. 

Now, on the eve of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, 29-year-old Nikki has re-emerged to talk about how her fame has affected her, and where life has taken her. Proud mum to a little girl, Skylah, Nikki is a highly successful business woman, running three dance studios. 

Nikki confesses that the harsh spotlight of fame sometimes made her life difficult growing up – and at one point she left for LA after tiring of becoming the butt of endless jokes. 

But she says she developed resilience and strength as a result of her fame –  and that has helped her to achieve so much in adult life, as a highly driven dance teacher. So will she put her own little girl on the stage?

‘Am I going to be a dance mum? I don’t know, I hope not,’ she told The Daily Edition. ‘I think it’s a matter of whatever she wants to do. I was lucky enough to have parents that supported my career and my choice and I hope that I can do that for Skylah, whether that’s in dance or performing arts.

‘But it would be nice if she was a lawyer or something that could support me in my old age.’

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