MKR Grand Finalists Nick and Christian: “it wasn’t an easy road”

Will the talented besties be the last cooks standing?
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For Melbourne mates Christian and Nick, the experience of My Kitchen Rules has been one giant dreamlike journey.

“You keep having to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming,” Christian, 34, tells New Idea.

“It means so much for the two of us.”

Best pal Nick, 36, agrees.

“Part of the reason why we wanted to be on this competition and take a chance, is to prove to ourselves that we can do it and so far we have,” he says.

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And come a long way they certainly have, with the grand prize of $100,000 tantalisingly close, particularly after Channel Seven announced they were bringing the grand finale forward due to a “change in schedule” which was said to have blindsided both contestants and viewers.

Despite the show’s accelerated ending, the friends pride themselves on playing the long game in the competition, with Nick even going as far to say that they chose to take “the scenic route” on the show. However, neither of them have any regrets.

“I don’t think either of us have ever taken the easy road in life, we’re just keeping consistent with how we live our lives outside of the competition,” explains Christian.

Christian kept “nervous giggling” when Nigella arrived. (Credit: Channel Seven)

One of the highlights for the Victorian duo was meeting Nigella Lawson, which they describe as being “everything and more” than what they expected.

Having read her cookbooks and watched her on TV over the years, Christian says to experience her “watching you cook her food” was one of the most “surreal” moments of his life.

“I got so nervous, I started giggling,” he says.

“I said to Nick, ‘Dude, Nigella’s standing right in front of us!’”

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Judges Manu and Colin are wrapping this week. (Credit: Channel Seven)

At the beginning of the competition, the team claimed to be “inspired by the hospitality industry” and they maintain this is something that still stands true, likening being in Kitchen HQ to being on “home turf.”

They also began the show as firm friends of 12 years and described themselves as a “true team” – which only strengthened during their time on the show.

“Each time we cook, that bond gets more and more solidified,” shares Christian.

“Not once have we had a real disagreement over anything.”

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“[It] feels like home turf in Kitchen HQ this week,” says Nick. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The friends go on to say My Kitchen Rules has been one of the “most incredible experiences of our lives” and urge any budding chefs to apply next year.

“Anyone who wants to put themselves out there and do this show should trust in themselves and give it 100 percent,” says Christian.

And as to how they will celebrate if they are crowned as the winners this week, the answer for them both is simple.

“Hug our mums,” says Nick.

“We’ll just enjoy experiencing all of that emotion and joy with our family,” adds Christian.

Watch Nick and Christian face off against Radha and Prabha in the MKR Grand Final tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Seven and Seven Plus.

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