Molly Meldrum exposes himself and urinates on the floor at Rod Stewart concert

But Peter Ford says we can’t judge him too harshly considering his “brain injury…”
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Molly Meldrum is at it again. Just a few months after he ‘mooned’ (showed his bare buttocks to) the crowd at an Elton John concert, Molly has now reportedly exposed himself during a Rod Stewart concert.

In footage obtained by The Daily Mail, Molly can be seen in the crowd at Rod’s March 15 concert – which took place at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne – pulling down his pants and exposing his genitals.

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Molly then seemingly urinates on the floor; an act which was later confirmed by an anonymous witness.

“He pulled out his penis… then began urinating,” the witness said.

Peter Ford, prominent entertainment reporter, has urged Australians to not criticise Molly too harshly.

molly meldrum
Molly Meldrum reportedly exposed himself and then publicly urinated while at a Rod Stewart concert. (Credit: Getty)

Speaking on 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live radio show, Peter said:

“He has an acquired brain injury. I mean, we have to accept that. And that’s as a result of that bad fall. Molly’s always been given to odd behaviour, but since that fall… his judgement is impaired.”

“Clearly, he’s not being supervised enough, or he won’t take the supervision or guidance,” Peter continued.

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“It’s not like he’s turning up at these events on his own. There’s always someone with him. But for whatever reason, they don’t seem to be able to control him.”

Peter is referencing the fact that Molly fell off a ladder while hanging Christmas decorations in 2011 and sustained serious injuries. At the time, it was reported that Molly was in a coma for five weeks after the fall, which caused a fractured skull as well as significant trauma to the chest, shoulder-blade area and head.

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