Moana Hope shares a rare picture of her growing baby bump

The former Survivor star is currently 18 weeks pregnant.
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Over a month since Moana Hope announced her exciting pregnancy, she has shared a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

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The former AFLW star shared three black and white photos on her Instagram with her daughter Svea in her arms and her belly on display while they wade through the surf.

Alongside the gorgeous moment, she wrote about how much her daughter enjoys the beach just like her mum.

“Ocean dips with my little Queen.” (Credit: Instagram)

“Ocean dips with my little Queen. She actually loves water and swimming more than anyone I know. 💜🤰🏽,” she wrote.

Moana also shared the hashtag “#lilbump” and revealed she is “#18weeks” along.

The wholesome post put a flutter in the hearts of her fans, but she also took a moment to share an important message on her Instagram story.

In response to the wave of Omicron sweeping through the country, the government decided that IUI and IVF treatments are an unessential service.

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Moana had to go through those procedures to conceive her daughter.

Through a piece to camera on her story, she passionately described it as “the most emotionally exhausting experiences of my life because everything you do is based on a date or time; it’s always based on doing bloods every day or every second day based on if you’re ovulating.”

She explained that this process of tracking your ovulating leads to the exciting part of trying to inseminate, a crucial point of the process many won’t be able to complete.

After announcing the government’s decision, she asked her fans, “Do you know how many men and women and people that will be affecting, mentally? People who have waited months and months and years.”

moana family
Moana revealed she is currently 18 weeks along. (Credit: Instagram)

Moana explained that she spoke to nurses who work in IVF clinics, and they have been “stood down.”

She ended her important message with condolences for those affected by this decision.

“I am sorry to all the couples, the women out there, men that are trying to start a family I am sorry you are going through this because if I had been told I was not essential while doing this, it would have broken my fu**ing heart, so I am sorry you are going through this,” she said in earnest.

In December, Moana shared the news we had hoped for when she posted a slew of black and white pictures featuring wife Isabella Carlstrom and sister Livinia, to announce she is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

moana baby bump
Moana gave fans a peek at her gorgeous baby bump. (Credit: Instagram)

In her caption, she revealed she is carrying their baby and intends to have even more children.

“I’m pregnant… we’re pregnant🤰🏽🎊 2022 our little modern family will grow by one tiny human. Building our own little football team 🤣,” she announced.

Moana also explained that they used the same donor as Svea, which means they will be full siblings.

Isabella carried and gave birth to their first daughter in November 2020 after the couple conceived her through IVF.

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