McLeod’s Daughters cast: Where are they now?

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It’s been over 11 years since the final episode of McLeod’s Daughters aired, but in 2021 the residents of Drover’s Run are more loved than ever before.

Fans have been hoping, asking and praying for a reboot for years and talks amongst the cast of a potential reunion have always been open.

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In fact, the original cast members came together in 2019 for a reunion of sorts, with an in-person event. While it was great to see the Drover’s Run crew back together, it only made fans more crazed for a show revival.

Now, it seems their wishes have finally come true as a new announcement reveals that a McLeod’s Daughters movie is officially in the works!

Announced in June last year, the move comes after a new government grant was announced by Minister for the Arts Elise Archer.

According to reports, Tasmanian-based Graeme Evans and her team are set to receive a $20,000 boost to go towards the project which comes under a new stimulus package aimed at boosting the film industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So to celebrate the incoming revival, we decided to take a look back at where the original cast are now – the perfect way to pass the time until cast announcement, trailers and the film itself! Bring it on…

Aaron Jeffery then
Giddy up, Alex! (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Aaron Jeffery

Aaron played Alex Ryan, the owner of Killarney, neighbouring property of Drover’s Run. He was killed in an early episode of the final season after being crushed in a freak accident.

Aaron Jeffery now
Is there any Aussie show he hasn’t been on? (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Aaron Jeffery

Aaron has been a familiar face on Aussie TV since finishing his McLeod’s Daughters role. You may have seen him recently in Neighbours, WentworthBetween Two WorldsUnderbelly Files: Chopper and Janet King.

Brett Tucker then
It’s our favourite vet! (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Brett Tucker

Local vet Dave Brewer was played by Brett Tucker for three seasons. He was briefly engaged to Tess (Bridie Carter) before pursuing a relationship with Kate (Michala Banas). Dave eventually sets off for Africa and didn’t return to the show again.

Brett Tucker now
He’s jetted to the States. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Brett Tucker

A long-running stint on Neighbours followed McLeod’s before Brett set off to the States, where he recently starred in series including The AmericansMistresses and Station 19.

Bridie Carter then
Oh, Tess! (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Bridie Carter

Oh, Tess! McLeod’s Daughters favourite, Tess became the owner of Drover’s Run following the death of her half-sister. She moved to Argentina at the end of season six.

Bridie Carter now
She’s still on our screens! (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Bridie Carter

Following her time on McLeod’s Daughters, Bridie guest starred in a bunch of Aussie shows and short films. She had a regular role alongside Erik Thomson in 800 Words, which wrapped up in 2018.

Catherine Wilkin then
We all remember Alex and Nick’s mother. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Catherine Wilkin

Catherine made regular appearances on the show as Liz Ryan, Alex and Nick’s mother.

Catherine Wilkin now
Catherine’s had quite the career since leaving Drover’s Run. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Catherine Wilkin

Since finishing her stint on McLeod’s, Catherine has landed roles in Outrageous Fortune, NZ-based movie The Weight Of Elephants and in 2016 she was in the Rebecca Gibney led series Wanted. She has also appeared in NZ soap Shortland Street and most recently ABC drama Stateless with Asher Keddie.

Charlie Clausen then
Check out the young station hand! (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Charlie Clausen

Check out young Charlie Clausen as station hand, Jake Harrison! Charlie had a short run on the show as Becky’s boyfriend. The pair leave the show in season three.

Charlie Clausen now
From Drover’s Run to Summer Bay. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Charlie Clausen

You’re sure to remember Charlie’s follow-up role as Alex Kirby in Blue Heelers. He was a regular on Home and Away for five years, until 2017, and played Danny Michaels in the Stan series Wolf Creek.

Dean O'Gorman then
Gotta love a bad boy. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Dean O’Gorman

Remember bad boy, Luke? He was played by Dean O’Gorman. However, his short time on the show ended when Luke was sent to jail.

Dean O'Gorman now
He was full-steam ahead after leaving McLeod’s. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Dean O’Gorman

You may not have recognised him under all the facial hair but, Dean landed the role Fili in The Hobbit trilogy. He’s also starred in the Oscar-nominated Trumbo and the second season of Wanted. Most recently you may have spotted Dean in series The Golden Boy and The Bad Seed.

Doris Younane then
Can you predict this psychic’s future? (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Doris Younane

Truck stop manager and psychic, Moira Doyle, was a recurring character in series two to seven.

Doris Younane now
You may recognise her from a certain comedy show. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Doris Younane

Her biggest role since McLeod’s was as Paula Doumani in political drama Party Tricks, alongside Asher Keddie. She’s currently starring in Network 10’s Five Bedrooms, with an all-star cast including Kat Stewart and Stephen Peacocke.

Dustin Clare then
From misunderstood to a fan favourite, we all remember Riley. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Dustin Clare

Dustin starred as Riley Ward from season six, to the end of the series in 2009. At first misunderstand, Riley became a lovable member of the Drover’s Run gang, eventually having a relationship with Kate before being involved in a car accident. His body was never found and Riley was presumed dead.

Dustin Clare now
He and Charlie both starred in Wolf Creek. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Dustin Clare 

Dustin went on to star in the US series, Spartacus before returning to Australia to star in ANZAC Girls and Wolf Creek.

Gillian Alexy then
She was out for revenge. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Gillian Alexy

Gillian joined McLeod’s Daughters in season six at Tayler Geddes. Tayler headed to Drover’s Run to exact revenge on Regan, who she held responsible for her father’s death. She remained until the show’s cancellation.

Gillian Alexy now
McLeod’s wasn’t the only time Gillian was on our screens. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Gillian Alexy

After her role on McLeod’s Daughters, Gillian went on to star in several shows including roles as Gitta Novak on Damages, and G’Winveer Farrell on Outsiders.

Jessica Napier then
Recognise this lead station hand? (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Jessica Napier

Jessica played young Becky Howard from seasons one to three. She became the lead station hand at Drovers and later left for a new property with her boyfriend Jake.

Jessica Napier now
Jessica just recently starred in Channel Nine’s Bite Club. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Jessica Napier

After leaving the series, Jessica tried her hand at films with roles in Ghost Rider and Safety In Numbers. She’s also starred in TV shows including All Saints, Sea Patrol, Janet King, and most recently Nine’s Bite Club.

John Jarratt then
Enjoy your trip around Australia, Terry? (Credit: Supplied)

Then: John Jarratt

John played recurring cast member, Terry Dodge in seasons one to six. Terry and Meg marry and set off for a trip around Australia.

John Jarratt now
Another Wolf Creek star! (Credit: Supplied)

Now: John Jarratt

During his time on McLeod’s Daughters, John scored the role of the terrifying Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek he is currently filming the third instalment of the franchise. He’s also since starred in the TV series, as well as landing a small part in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Johnny Pas then
Hey Johnny… oops, we mean, Matt. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Jonny Pasvolsky

From seasons five to seven, Jonny played Killarney overseer, Rob Shelton. He later revealed that he was in Witness Protection. Rob left when he realised the hitmen had found him but later returned under the name Matt.

Johnny Pas now
Another Summer Bay boy! (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Jonny Pasvolsky

Jonny’s film and TV credits have since included roles in Home And AwayMr & Mrs MurderMortdecai and Picnic At Hanging Rock

Marshall Napier then
Spoiler alert: Harry wasn’t Alex’s father. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Marshall Napier

Marshall played the recurring character of Harry Ryan. Harry believed he was Alex’s father but later found out his wife was already pregnant when they married.

Marshall Napier noq
He’s all over Australian television. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Marshall Napier

Marshall reappears in Australian television frequently, having guest roles in Love Child, Jack Irish and Janet King. He is also a theatre regular, having starred in over 20 plays. He recently penned one of his own, titled Freak Winds.

Lisa C then
We’re still not over Claire’s death. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Lisa Chappell

Co-owner of Drover’s Run with her half-sister Tess, Claire was the life of the series before her death in the third season.

Lisa C now
Lisa turned from TV to music and theatre. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Lisa Chappell

After Claire was killed off, Lisa pursued music and theatre. She also scored guest roles in Rescue: Special Ops, The CultAgent Anna and NZ soap Shortland Street.

Luke Jacobz then
Patrick was quite the wildcard. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Luke Jacobz

The younger brother of Dave Brewer, Patrick was a wildcard. After taking time away with his mother to focus on handling his bipolar disorder, Patrick returned to the town as a farm hand and mechanic, where he also began a relationship with Tayler Geddes.

Luke Jacobz now
He’s got the X Factor. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Luke Jacobz 

After McLeod’s Daughters, Luke went to Summer Bay for three years as Angelo Rosetti on Home and Away. He then went on to host The X Factor, Instant Hotel, and appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Most recently Luke returned to his Home And Away character, Angelo Rosetta.

Matthew P then
Another spoiler alert: Matthew was Alex’s younger brother. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Matthew Passmore

Matthew joined McLeod’s in season seven as Marcus Turner. He later revealed he was the younger brother of Alex. When Alex died, Matthew became the co-owner of Killarney and began a relationship with new vet, Ingrid.

Matthew P now
From the land down under to the land of the free. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Matthew Passmore

Following his McLeod’s Daughters stint, Matt headed to America where he starred in The Glades and Satisfaction before returning for a role in ABC comedy Frayed in 2019.

Michala Banas then
We all remember farm hand Kate. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Michala Banas

Michala joined the show in season four as Kate Manfredi, a former classmate of Jodi. She was a farm hand at Drover’s but later left for Africa with Dave.

Michala Banas now
From farm hand to an upper middle bogan. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Michala Banas

She has remained a regular figure on Australian telly, scoring roles in Neighbours, Upper Middle Bogan and Nowhere Boys. She appeared on Nine’s 2019 drama series Bad Mothers and just last year she starred in Nine’s Halifax: Retribution.

Myles then
It was on-again-off-again with these two. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Myles Pollard

Myles’ character Nick Ryan was the on-off love interest of Tess, and was presumed dead in a plane crash. When it was discovered he was, in fact, alive, he and Tess both relocated to Argentina.

Myles now
The Summer Bay boys keep on coming. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Myles Pollard

Myles has since appeared on Home And Away in two different roles and has recently starred in the movie Jasper Jones as well as TV WEEK Award winning drama Mystery Road.

Rachael then
No one can forget Jack’s secret daughter. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Rachael Carpani

Jodi Fountain was Jack McLeod’s secret daughter and farmhand of Drover’s Run. A romance and short-lived marriage to Alberto, and a shocking paternal discovery were some of her major moments, though they paled in comparison to Jodi’s death. She was “killed” in a car explosion so she could enter the Witness Protection Program with Matt.

Rachael now
Rachael’s got a lot of gigs up her sleeve. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Rachael Carpani

She has since scored roles in The Glades, Against The Wall and 800 Words. The actress also appeared in The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee with Paul Hogan.

Rodger then
We’ll never forgive Peter for breaking Claire’s heart. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Rodger Corser

Peter Johnson was the (still married) boyfriend of Claire, who broke her heart by not telling her the truth about his wife and three children. Peter was the father of Claire’s daughter Charlotte Pruedence Mcleod.

Rodger now
He’s starred in many Aussie favourites. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Rodger Corser

Following his McLeod’s role, Rodger has starred in many Aussie favourites, including Home And AwayRush, Glitch, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Doctor Doctor. Recently, he’s been nominated for multiple TV WEEK Gold Logie Awards.

Simmone then
Stevie Hall once managed Drover’s Run. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Simmone Jade MacKinnon

Simmone played Stevie Hall, who was hired as an overseer to help manage Drover’s Run. Stevie and Alex Ryan were married for a short time before Alex’s death.

Simmone now
Everyone needs good Neighbours. (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Simmone Jade MacKinnon

You may remember Simmone in Neighbours. She joined as Zoe for a small role in 2012. Simmone was also the presenter of Random Acts Of Kindness in 2009.

Sonia then
Meg was mother-figure of the farm. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Sonia Todd

Sonia appeared regularly as Meg Fountain in seasons one to five. Meg was the housekeeper at Drover’s and is the mother-figure of the farm. Her actual daughter, Jodi, falls out with her when she discovers her true paternity.

Sonia now
Sonia joined her male co-stars in Summer Bay! (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Sonia Todd

Sonia spent four years as Gina Austin in Home And Away before leaving to pursue other projects. Her most recent roles were in Janet King and Rake.

Ben then
Poor Alberto. (Credit: Supplied)

Then: Ben Mortley

Ben had a short stint in McLeod’s Daughters as Alberto Borelli, Jodi’s (Rachael Carpani) husband. They were together in holy matrimony for all of a few hours, as she ended the marriage immediately after the wedding. Alberto then headed back to Italy.

Ben now
He’s keeping busy! (Credit: Supplied)

Now: Ben Mortley

After McLeod’s, Ben scored a role in Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet and has since starred in a number of short films. Most recently he joined 2020 TV series Itch.

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