EXCLUSIVE: Matilda Ledger reunites with Heath’s family in Australia!

The late actor would be smiling down…
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Time sure does fly, as Heath Ledger’s only child is all grown up and ready to spread her wings.

Matilda, who turns 18 in October, was just two years old when her father died of an accidental drug overdose in January 2008. His bereft ex-fiancé, Michelle Williams, was left to raise his look-alike progeny alone.

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Now, New Idea hears that Matilda is planning a secret pilgrimage Down Under, to experience the sandy beaches and sunny skies of Perth, where her late dad grew up.

“Matilda’s graduating high school in a couple of months,” says a source. “She’s keen to take a year off and head to Australia. She wants to get to see and spend time with Heath’s family before she gets down to the serious business of university in America.”

Before the pandemic, Heath’s parents Kim Ledger and Sally Bell would often journey to New York, where Matilda lives with Michelle, 42, her new stepfather Thomas Kail, and two younger half-siblings.

“But since then, it’s been harder for Kim and Sally to get across the other side of the world,” explains the source. “Of course they would be thrilled to bits if Matilda was to come and spend some time with them, now that she’s old enough.”

michelle williams matilda ledger
A source claims Matilda (who’s all grown up now) is coming to Australia to visit Heath’s parents. (Credit: Getty)

Doting grandad Kim has previously sung the praises of Heath’s little girl in an interview, saying, “She’s got an enormous amount of his mannerisms. She’s very inquisitive, she’s got his energy – it’s fabulous, really.”

Although Matilda is keen to make the 18,700km trek between the Big Apple and Australia’s most remote state capital, we’re told Michelle has reservations.

“It’s just so far away from everything Matilda has ever known, any mum would be worried – even though she doesn’t want to stand in the way of Matilda getting to know her roots,” says the source.

“Plus, Michelle was a high school dropout who regrets never getting a college education. She’s had her hopes pinned on Matilda attending Harvard, Columbia or NYU, basically since she was born.”

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But once Matilda’s of legal age, Michelle may not have a choice, tells our source. “Matilda understands her mum’s concerns, but she has a deep need to understand the other side of her heritage.”

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