MAFS star Jessika Power’s raunchy revenge after horror trolling

She's hitting back at body shamers!
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Following her recent rant over being ‘body-shamed’ by trolls, Jessika Power is proving that she hasn’t let the criticism stop her from flaunting her body on social media.

The Married At First Sight star took to Instagram again yesterday to share a stunning photo that revealed her toned and curvy physique.

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Jess flashed a smile as she sat by a pool in a cropped T-shirt and pink underwear, holding up a cup of a detox tea that she was promoting.

The 29-year-old went for a warm and sun kissed look, with her hair bleached blonde and her tan golden brown.


Earlier that day, Jessika penned a rant to her critics after a a vitrol of hate and body shaming online. 

“So this year I’ve been judged, mocked, insulted, slut shamed, been on the receiving end of endless death threats, violent threats and been told to kill my self endless times but the one thing that stood out to me and effected me the most was the outrageous and horrific body shaming I received online from one bad photo – people even made pages dedicated to this photo so others could join in on ripping my confidence to shreds while giggling behind their keyboards,” the lengthy post began. 


Jess then goes on to say the biggest perpetrators of such hateful language are often women over 50, who are mothers themselves: “I would expect this sort of disgusting behavior from a bunch of teens but I was receiving this from women as old as 50!!

“Mothers who had daughters of their own even. I’ve since worked hard on my body but no amount of exercise or good eating I do can take away the mental damage I received from all of the online ridiculing.” 

Jess continued: “To this day I don’t like to wear a short shorts let alone the bikini I’m wearing in these unedited photographs, I like to be in a comfortable environment with people I trust so my paranoia doesn’t tell me constantly “everyone’s looking at you Jess, cover up cover up!!”.

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“I wanted to share these photos today because, even though it’s scary, I shouldn’t have ever been made to feel low about my body or self conscious about how I look – NO ONE SHOULD! 

“It’s not cool to be nasty or unkind and we have young girls and women out there who are feeling exactly the same way I did and that just sucks! You are beautiful no matter your size, shape, hair color even the color of your skin!” 

Jess finished: “Please guys, I know it’s fun to pick on the “mean girl” from a TV show but just think of the impact your words can have on others sometimes.” 

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