CONFIRMED: Dan dumped Jessika after the finale

The truth is FINALLY out!
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Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power says Daniel Webb, the man who she so boldly professed she was in love with throughout the series, dumped her as soon as filming wrapped. 

WATCH the INTENSE moment Dan discovers Jess made a move on Nic!

After cheating on their primary partners then re-coupling at the latest commitment ceremony, everything seemed to be glowing for the pair until the final reunion.

Their relationship crumbled when Dan previewed the moment Jessika, 27, had propositioned co-star Nic.

News.com.au revealed Dan was so hurt by what he saw, he immediately ended their relationship.

“Dan and I did have a little break after the reunion,” Jess told the publication. “He’d seen the video of me saying I was sexually attracted to Nic, and his ego was hurt. Dan already knew about the conversation between Nic and I, he just didn’t know the extent of it.” 

“He said, ‘Obviously we’re not together now’,” she continued. “And I said, ‘Whatever, I never got what I wanted out of this relationship anyway’. I was being a brat.”

Despite their bitter split, Jess revealed that days later the controversial pair reunited. 

“I realised how much I missed him. We had a bit of a break, and we’re at the best we could ever be right now.”

The controversial star said she’s aware viewers would presume she was seeking an affair to prolong her 5-minutes-of-fame.

“I think people may think I was looking for an affair, but I was also looking for an out from my horrible relationship with Mick,” she told the publication. “He was way more horrible to me than the public get to see.”

“The producers asked me, ‘Are you sexually attracted to Nic?’ And you always have to put the question in the answer and I said, ‘Yeah, I am sexually attracted to Nic. He’s a good-looking guy.'”


She claims producers played the clip over and over again to the group until they got the reaction they wanted from Nic. 

“My relationship was in shreds with the guy I genuinely was in love with,” Jessika said.

“I was hurt, I was angry, and I remember kicking up a stink when I was asked to do an interview with producers on camera after. I said, ‘What more do you f***ing want to ruin?'”

The outspoken star disclosed her official move to the Gold Coast to be closer to him and is planning to meet his family and his son in a few weeks.

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