MAFS: Cyrell calls Martha ‘a rat’ on Instagram

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The Married At First Sight reunion has promised drama galore, with the latest clip showing mean girl Martha pouring a glass of red wine over Cyrell’s head. 

WATCH! The moment Martha pours a glass of red wine over Cyrell’s head! 

Never one to back away from a fight, Cyrell not only launched at the Kim Kardashian wannabe on the night but now she has taken to Instagram to blast Martha, dubbing the Bondi-based makeup artist ‘a rat’. 

Taking to the Instagram comment section on fan account @MAFSFunny, Cyrell commented on a still picture of the red wine incident with the caption: “Takes a brave person to pour anything over Cyrell.”

‘Cyclone Cyrell’ then commented back saying that nothing about the situation was ‘brave’: “No! If you guys only knew! How she planned it! Nothing brave. Just the actions of a dirty, sneaky rat.” 

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

Social media users flocked in droves to the comment section to support Cyrell, with one user writing: “Martha is garbage and has got away with too much this season.” 

While another user wrote: “Nah Martha was a coward for that.”

Who else can’t wait to watch this reunion?

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