Shocking photos: MAFS stars busted double cheating


Spotted kissing and canoodling in a Melbourne park, Married At First Sight couple Troy and Carly are a picture of newlywed bliss… the only problem is, they both married other people!

Despite Troy tying the knot with Ashley and Carly tying the knot with Justin on the show, the couple have apparently taken it upon themselves to turn Married At First Sight into their own version of Wife Swap!

‘They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and clearly didn’t care who saw them,’ an onlooker tells New Idea. ‘They had bags from the supermarket and were enjoying a romantic picnic before Carly climbed on top of Troy. There was lots of groping and kissing. It was really full on!’


Revealing that he was looking for ‘a cross between Barbie and a cheerleader’ in his search for true love, 35-year-old Troy failed to win over his bubbly bride Ashley’s two sisters with his creepy behaviour.

‘It just gives off red flags,’ said Ashley’s sister Summer after Troy said their mum was ‘stunningly beautiful’.

‘He’s very self-absorbed and he just doesn’t care about my sister… I think, personally, he could be full of s***.’

And while 28-year-old flight attendant Ashley was enamoured with her groom on her wedding day, calling him her ‘Prince Charming’, it appears her sister’s intuition was right – with the account manager getting hot and heavy with MAFS co-star Carly while still wearing his wedding band.

And he wasn’t the only one sneaking around behind the back of his betrothed, with 32-year- old Carly also spotted sporting the ring she received from millionaire Justin, 41, on their wedding day.

Troy and Ashley (l), Justin and Carly

While divorced dad-of-two Justin turned to the show to help give him a second chance at love, the honeymoon appears to be well and truly over for him and marketing manager Carly, who describes herself as ‘unapologetically me’.

With this year’s season set to be the most scandalous yet, a source has revealed to the Daily Telegraph that Carly and Troy may not be the only pair to partake in some ‘partner swapping’.

‘It was keys in the bowl kind of stuff,’ says the MAFS insider on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans. ‘They were right at it from the get-go.’

For the full story, and more pictures of Troy and Ashley’s steamy park date, see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now!

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