MAFS Jules’ honeymoon bikini body: How I lost 8kg – without quitting carbs

Jules shed fat and toned her body in time for her wedding and honeymoon.
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MAFS star Jules Robinson spent the past six months getting her body in shape for her wedding to Cam Merchant.

WATCH: MAFS’ Cam and Jules perform their first dance

The 37-year-old was determined to look the best on her big day and she is flaunting her toned figure on honeymoon at The Moso in Vanuatu.

New Idea can exclusively reveal photos of the bride just days after her TV wedding. And Jules excitedly admits she’s never felt better in a swimsuit.

I feel much more confident than I did six months ago. Doing a lot more holiday snaps in a bikini is a new and exciting thing,” Jules tells New Idea. “I [also] have a husband constantly telling me how great I look, so that’s really nice.”

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‘i have a husband constantly telling me how great i look” (Credit: New Idea)

Since her debut on MAFS, Jules has dropped 8kg through Weight Watchers and has shed a staggering 15cm of body fat.

Her figure and dress size at her wedding this time around were very different. Jules used a mix of exercise and dieting to get into tip-top shape – but she didn’t need to give up her favourite food.

On the runup to the wedding I was seeing my personal trainer, Nat, as often as I could, attending her paddleboarding and boxing on the beach classes too. My love of boxing has really grown over the last few months and I’m much better at it now than when I started,” Jules explains.

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“I’m back to focusing on my weight-loss and a healthy me.” (Credit: New Idea)

“I cannot sing Weight Watchers praises enough. I enjoy carbs… So it has been so great getting ready for the wedding with WW.

It might be a relief not dealing with the stresses of planning a wedding, but Jules won’t fall off the wagon when she returns to her everyday life.

Jules adds: “I’m still going to lose another 5-6kg. As soon as I am back from the honeymoon, I’m back to focusing on my weightloss and a healthy me.”

However, not everything will return to normal for the happy couple. Now marriage has been crossed off the list, they both agree the pitterpatter of tiny feet is next on the agenda.

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The newlyweds enjoyed an intimate getaway (Credit: New Idea)

“[We want kids] straight away. It’s definitely on the cards!” Jules says happily.

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Jules says Cam has always made her feel beautiful (Credit: New Idea)

As the couple relax on their beach getaway, Jules says the drama between MAFS co-stars which reached boiling point when Jules dumped Melissa Lucarelli as a bridesmaid  is at the back of her mind.

“We didn’t want anything to take away our happiness,” Jules says. “People are always going to have an opinion. But it doesn’t matter. It was our day.”

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(Credit: New Idea)

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