Logies shock: Karl Stefanovic slammed during opening speech

This was BRUTAL!
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The 61st annual Logie Awards have officially begun, and like all good awards night, the evening opened with a good old fashioned roast. 

Gold Logie nominee – and notoriously brutal comedian – Tom Gleeson, kicked off the evening with a savage monologue wherein the Hard Chat host took aim at former Today show host, Karl Stefanovic. 

WATCH! The moment Tom Gleeson SLAMS Karl and his wedding during the Logies! 

“I think the reason they (the Logies) ask you to do the opening is because Channel Nine has run out of stars,” Tom began. 

“They don’t have any left. They have a new rule on breakfast TV too if you are too entertaining they fire you. Am I right Karl. Is Karl here. Where is Karl?” 

It’s at this point where Karl, who’s sitting next to wife Jasmine Stefanovic, appears visibly nervous as Gleeson goes in for the attack, but not before slamming Channel Nine reality TV show Married At First Sight.  

“Congratulations to Married At First Sight by the way for their monster ratings. Give them a huge round of applause.

“Channel Nine were happy to cash in on your ratings by showing off your tacky weddings and fired Karl Stefanovic for having one!” 

karl stefanovic
(Credit: Channel Nine)
tom gleeson logies
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Karl took the joke on the chin, as Jasmine burst out laughing next to her husband. 

While Gleeson was just poking fun at Karl, it seems the television personality agrees with the rest of Australia, declaring Karl should make his way back to Today. 

“Karl, Today Show needs you. I was on the Today Show the other day to promote the Logies. The ratings are so low I felt like I was keeping a secret!”

Karl married his shoe designer wife, Jasmine, in an intimate Mexico ceremony back in December. 

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