Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis: My depression hell after catfish nightmare

"I felt like I was going through depression."
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Former Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis has revealed he ‘felt broken’ following a devastating and high-profile cat-fishing case which led to a woman committing suicide. 

The 31-year-old Aussie actor spoke with Men’s Health magazine about his dramatic weight loss and mental health battle after Melbourne woman Lydia Abdelmalek, 29, used Lincoln’s profile to stalk and catfish seven people over four years. 

Last year an old school friend of Lincoln’s took her own life after Abdelmalek used the profile of Lewis to harras, taunt and trick her into a false relationship online. 

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“For the first time in my life, I was saying to those closest to me that I felt like I was going through depression. Or to put it another way, I felt broken”, Lincoln told Men’s Health. 

Speaking about how he fell into bad eating and exercise habits following the tragic events, Lewis – who is the son of rugby league legend Wally Lewis – told the publication: “You’re feeling lethargic and looking for that next sugar rush or the next thing just to perk you up for the next hour.” 


Lincoln later relieves how he became determined to turn himself (and his body) around, embarking on a strict diet and exercise regime under the watchful eye of celebrity trainer Jono Castano, who helped Lincoln go from 88kg to 75.5kgs in 12 weeks. 

“I feel this experience has completely turned my life around,” Lincoln gushed to the magazine. 


The Underbelly Razor star’s interview comes just six weeks after Abdelmalek was found guilty of six counts of stalking. 

Lydia Abdelmalek has been charged on six counts for her elaborate and devastating catfish scam. (Credit: social media)

Lincoln adressed the scam back in April, wirting a lengthy 3-part statement on Twitter. 

“Having your number, address, personal details illegally obtained & photos doctored was scary. Having them used to catfish people is sickening,” Lewis began.

“But nothing can give back or make right what this sick person did and took away from the victims.

“For everyone, but especially for those with kids, know who you or they are talking to online. be absolutely sure of it! Social media can be great but also a scary place as there are sick twisted people out there. Be safe. 

“I also want to take this time to thank the incredible police & detectives who have worked tirelessly on this case over the last 8 years. You see the worst actions in people yet never give up. You are amazing. Thank you.” 

If you, or someone you love needs support and information about suicide prevention, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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