Larry Emdur makes fans nostalgic with a 1980s throwback

"Happy days!"
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The Morning Show host Larry Emdur has shared a throwback to his beach days in the 1980s and everyone is agreeing about one thing.

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Heading to his Instagram on Tuesday, Larry shared a vintage, black-and-white snap of himself strolling along a beach as he donned some Rip Curl. The now 56-year-old had a surfboard in one hand and a wetsuit over his shoulder.

“1987 , Chiko rolls, panel vans, happy days !” the presenter wrote alongside the image.

“Before most you were born I was running up the beach in slow motion for wanky publicity shots .. And yes I always spent 45 minutes blowing drying my hair BEFORE I went for a surf .”

Larry shared a throwback beach shot. (Credit: Instagram)

The post was quickly flooded with comments, including from Aussie actor and comedian Shane Jacobson, who wrote: “Yep….. over 50’s club….slow moving winners!!!”

Other than Shane, and comments admiring Larry’s beachy hair, most people were all saying the same thing.

“Those were the days !” wrote one user.

“Good old days! 80s the best years. 😍” another added.

“They were great days. I can remember seeing some of your promo shots,” a third penned. 

Larry is married to Sylvie whom he met in the ’90s. (Credit: Getty)

When he’s not posting 80s throwbacks, Larry is hosting The Morning Show alongside Kylie Gillies and is husband to Sylvie and dad to Jye and Tia.

Larry met his now wife Sylvie while she was working as a a flight attendant in the ‘90s. Sylvie was instantly drawn to the TV personality after he made a memorable impression during her flight.

After getting caught in the rain, Larry proceeded to board the airline’s business cabin completely drenched from head to toe, which Sylvie found most amusing. 

But by the time their flight reached its destination, numbers had been exchanged, and it wasn’t long before the couple officially became an item – later marrying in 1995.

Speaking about their relationship to body+soul in 2020, Larry admitted the couple made it a goal to always live spontaneously and do at least one crazy thing every year.

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