Kyle Sandilands’ SHOCK drug confession enrages fans

"You are messed up."
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Shock-jock radio announcer Kyle Sandilands is known for his controversial opinions and pranks. But just when it seemed like the 49-year-old had no more surprises left in him, the host has truly gone and one-upped himself with his latest confession.

WATCH: Kyle Sandilands’ cruel prank reduces Jackie O to tears

Last year, Kyle and his radio-wife Jackie O appeared on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes for what would quickly become a highly controversial interview.

After the network advertised the episode to be an in-depth and emotional chat with the popular duo, in which Kyle in particular opened up about his scary heath battle, fans were placed at the edge of their seats, ready to learn about the host’s secret health woes.

However, viewers were soon disappointed to learn that what had been teased as a shock confession was actually one of Kyle’s classic pranks upon Jackie, which ended up with the 46-year-old in tears.

Now, one year later, Kyle has opened up about his controversial appearance, admitting his behaviour on the show was assisted by a few helping hands.

Kyle Sandilands 60 minutes
Kyle’s 2020 appearance on 60 minutes was not met well with viewers. (Credit: Channel Nine)

During the 60 minutes episode, Today Show host Karl Stefanovic was joined by Kyle and Jackie O for a tell-all interview. At one point in the chat, Kyle turns to Jackie to give what seems like an uncharacteristically heartfelt spiel about the pair’s close relationship.

“If I die tomorrow, I’m just letting you know that I love you and it’s been wonderful,” an emotional Kyle told his colleague.

Jackie O, used to Kyle’s antics, seemed unconvinced by the show of affection, laughing off her friend’s words. Karl, however, proceeded to point out that the shock-jock was crying.

“Why?” a stunned Jackie asked Kyle.

And so the radio host delved into what he posed as an emotional health confession. “Well, there’s a condition that I’ve been diagnosed with and I haven’t spoken to anyone about it.”

A tearful Jackie O hoped that her friend was up to his usual pranks when she said, “Are you joking?”

Kyle Sandilands 60 minutes
Jackie O began to tear up as Kyle began to confess he was suffering from a secret health condition – only to reveal he was joking. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Luckily, Kyle was not so cruel as to keep the bit going for too long, replying “Yeah”.

A stunned Jackie let out a sigh of a relief. But it’s any wonder how Kyle’s cruel prank didn’t send the presenter to the hospital again. And cue the comments of indignation from Jackie and Karl.

“Why would you do that?” they both asked.

“That was really cruel,” Jackie added whilst wiping her tears.

“You are messed up,” Karl asserted. 

A year has passed since that controversial interview first aired, and Kyle has finally opened up about what exactly was going through his brain when he conjured up that cruel prank.

Karl Stefanovic
Even Karl was shocked by the cruel prank, telling Kyle he was “messed up”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“I was off my head,” the radio host told news.com.au.

His radio partner was quick to agree with Kyle’s shocking confession, stating “You were! I almost died. He arrived late to that interview. We were waiting 50 minutes for him.”

“I was probably dutching it up in the car,” Kyle laughed. 

The radio host went on to admit that even interviewer Karl Stefanovic knew he was under the influence but that the Today Show host “secretly loved it” because he knew it meant Kyle would be more outspoken that way. 

Well, he got that right. 

Kyle and Jackie O
The Twitterverse was a buzz with enraged users who weren’t happy with Kyle’s confession. (Credit: KIIS FM)

And if Kyle thought the backlash was bad at the time the 60 minutes interview aired, he’s got another storm coming this time. Indeed, the public have A LOT to say about the presenter’s latest confession. 

Taking to Twitter, a herd of angry users slammed their keyboards as they let the Twitterverse know exactly how enraged Kyle’s admission made them.

“How is this guy even given any air time?” one user wrote. “Would have to be the biggest waste of space.”

Another alleged: “So he probably drives home under the influence… Police should station a drug test unit near the studio exit, could probably catch quite a few drug users.”

It’s hard to know how Kyle will continue to shock the public now, but we’re sure he’ll find a way.

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