Charles holds a crisis meeting with his sister, Princess Anne

“Anne knows how to break down his walls"
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There’s no-one in the world that King Charles relies on quite like Princess Anne.

The royal family’s most astute and hardest-working member, the King’s younger sister isn’t afraid to step in and set things right.

So it’s no wonder that the Princess Royal was spotted by Charles’ side, deep in thoughtful conversation, as they walked to a Sunday church service in Sandringham on January 29.

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New Idea is told that Anne, 72, dropped in on her big brother for the weekend, but that it was no friendly casual visit. “Aside from Camilla, Anne is the only other person who knows how to handle Charles’ bouts of self-doubt, which have plagued him since he was a boy,” reveals one source. 

“Anne knows how to break down his walls, and wanted a chance to give him a pep talk.”

It’s clear to all that the King, 74, is having a rough time ahead of his May 6 coronation. British newspaper headlines constantly debate whether he’ll invite Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to his big day. 

king charles and princess anne
There’s no-one in the world that King Charles relies on quite like Princess Anne. (Credit: Getty)

It’s understood Harry and older brother, Prince William, aren’t on speaking terms, while the King is considering a TV tell-all to hit back at his youngest son’s many allegations. 

Add in the ongoing heated debate over why Charles hasn’t banished his brother Prince Andrew entirely, given new rumours he’s planning to clear his name over long-time sex abuse allegations, and the problems for the new monarch seem never-ending. 

“Charles doesn’t know what to do,” says a source. “His sons are fighting and his office is divided over whether to give interviews and whether to have Harry at the coronation. He also senses a backlash coming for being too forgiving with Andrew. 

“Charles is feeling very isolated and misses the counsel of his late mother.”

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Insiders say it’s a good thing that Anne has stepped in to help carry his burden.

“Anne wanted to help him cut through the noise,” says a source. “In their meeting she suggested it was pretty simple – follow what their mother would have done … ‘Invite Harry, but put him in the cheap seats and exclude him from the family balcony appearance. Don’t give an interview about your personal troubles.’ 

“Let Meghan expose herself with her changing stories and take a firm approach with Andrew. For Anne, it’s that simple. The ball is in Charles’ court now.”

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