Kerri Anne v Yumi: What REALLY happened

Insider reveals!

On Monday TV veteran Kerri Anne Kennerley came under fire when she was accused of being racist by Yumi Stynes for her comments regarding Australia Day. 

An insider revealed to New Idea what really went down behind the scenes. 

‘You could cut the air with a knife on set today and things went astray during the add breaks, Yumi walked off set and no one knew were she went, KAK stood her ground and didn’t care at all that Yumi had such an issue.’

Kennerly and Stynes joined the Studio 10 panel to discuss the Invasion Day protests that took place Saturday. 

Kennerly started the segment by calling out the protesters, saying: “OK, the 5,000 people who went through the streets making their points known, saying how inappropriate the day is… has any single one of those people been out to the Outback, where children, babies, five-year-olds, are being raped?”


Channel 10
(Credit: Channel 10)

This is when Stynes called out Kennerly’s comment and stated that the veteran presenter was coming off as ‘racist’: “That is not even faintly true, Kerri-Anne.” 

Yumi continued: “You’re sounding quite racist right now.”

Behind the scenes, the insider said that Kennerley insisted Stynes ‘lighten up’. 

‘KAK told Yumi to lighten up and insisted she had been the business for years unlike Yumi.’

But her nonchalance left Stynes ‘fuming’ and later ‘stormed off the set’. 

‘She hid in her dressing room after the show and waited for KAK to leave the building before she resurfaced.’


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