Karl Stefanovic unleashes on TODAY in bizarre rant

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Karl Stefanovic unleashed a torrent of abuse on millennials in a bizarre rant during a segment on the Today show on Monday morning. 

WATCH: Karl Stefanovic unleashes on Millennials in ‘OK Boomer’ moment

Karl’s meltdown came about as he and co-host Allison Langdon were discussing a newspaper article about young Victoria Police recruits who were moaning about the quality of food at the academy.

The Gen-X TV host then launched into a tirade about “whinging” millennials as he agreed with comments made by a senior officer in the article, who said that millennials “whinge about everything”.

“I think that’s true!” the 45-year-old declared.

“I think you millennials out there just love a whinge, just love to whinge. ‘Oh, the coffee’s too hot, we can’t get a good burger, we don’t even eat meat burgers anymore, we’ve got to have burger in a lettuce.'”

Karl unleashed on millennials on Monday (Credit: Channel 9)
The TV host let out a torrent of abuse (Credit: Channel 9)

An exasperated Allison, 40, then turned to the camera and asked: “Millennials, do you care what Karl thinks of you?”

“Just stop whingeing!” replied Karl. 

Co-host Allison didn’t think millennials would care what Karl thought (Credit: Channel 9)
Newsreader Tracy told Karl to stop whinging (Credit: Channel 9)

Newsreader Tracy Vo then got involved to stand up for millennials. 

“Who’s having a whinge now, though?” she quipped. 

Karl then responded: “I’m allowed to because I’m part of the older demographic, Generation Old.”

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