Jodhi Meares: 21 Things You Didn’t Know About Jodhi

Rumoured to be dating Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell, the talented fashion designer behind Tigerlily and The Upside is much more than just an ex-Mrs Packer
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1. Who is Jodhi Meares and why is she famous?

The beautiful and talented Jodhi Meares was born in small-town Merimbula on the NSW South Coast, where her dad owned a pub, and has been a model, TV host and, now, a fashion entrepreneur.

She is close to her mother Denise Macpherson but was more estranged from her father, John, who died in 2012. After her parents separated when she was 2, she moved to Sydney. There she launched her career as a model when she was just a teenager, before becoming a fashion designer. She created iconic swimwear brand Tigerlily, which she sold to Billabong in 2007 for a rumoured $3-5 million, and The Upside – launched in 2014, that must-have sportwear brand, perfect for the yoga Jodhi loves so much.

Jodhi is also famous for her love life, having dated singer Jon Stevens, photographer Nick Finn Tsindos and, mostly, for marrying James Packer – and remaining friends with him over the years.

2. How old is Jodhi?

Jodhi was born on March 25, 1971, which currently makes her 48 years old.

3. Has she always been called Jodhi?

In 2002, while still married to James, the RUOK ambassador changed the spelling of her name from Jodie to Jodhi because it has a better value in numerology.

4. Does Jodhi Meares have any siblings?

Jodhi has two sisters, Sophie Morgan (pictured above with Jodhi) and Kirsty Meares, and and one brother, Jason Meares. Sister Sophie, nicknamed Boo, frequently pops up in Jodhi’s Instagram, and Kirsty, who is based in New York and appeared in The Adjustment Bureau, does production for The Upside brand. Jodhi’s brother, Jason, has worked in finance.

5. Where does Jodhi Meares live?

After basing herself in a Hawaii house on the island of Oahu for the last decade or so, in 2017 Jodhi bought a fisherman’s cottage in Sydney’s waterside suburb of Watson’s Bay for $2.75m.

In February, 2019, she told Sportluxe, “I spend as much time as I can in Hawaii and New York. However since starting THE UPSIDE I am spending a lot more time back in Sydney which has been great.”

“When I’m in Hawaii I get up really early. It’s ‘country’ Hawaii, so there’s not even a street light,” she said back in 2016. “In the evening you can drive into town and have dinner, but where I live I’m asleep by 8:30pm. I’m the first one at [The] Coffee Bean in the morning, and they open ridiculously early, at 4.30am. I ride my bike up, say hi to the surfers, get my coffee … that’s the start of the day.” 

6. What is Jodhi Meares’s net worth?

Ans-wer.com puts the businesswoman’s estimated net worth at $4 billion. It’s an estimate that seems quite high. She did get a reported $10 million settlement from her divorce from James Packer, and some money when she sold Tigerlily to Billabong.

7. Who is Jodhi Meares engaged to?

Currently, it does not appear that Jodhi Meares is engaged to anyone. In May, the Sydney Morning Herald noted that Jodhi seems to have found love with Sydney property developer Michael Reid, after he posted a pic of them together on his yacht and she responded with a love heart emoji.

But in exciting news, it seems that Jodhi may have moved on to a romance with Dominic Purcell, after the Prison Break actor posted this image (below) on his Instagram on July 1.


8. When was Jodhi Meares’s wedding?

Jodhi has been married twice.

Her most recent wedding was to Nick Tsindos, also known as Nick Finn, in December 2015. At the time she said of the photographer, who is 16 years younger than her, “We met through friends and it just developed from there. It was the last thing either of us was expecting at that time, but it was just one of those very magical things … He’s lovely.”

Sadly the pair divorced 14 months later but still seem to share the love, as she included him in a February post, even though he has moved on with look-a-like model Mimi Elashiry.

But Jodhi’s most famous wedding was to James Packer in October 1999, after the heir to the Packer empire proposed with an engagement ring said to be worth $300,000. Held on the grounds of the Packer compound in Bellevue Hill, the celebration was said to have cost more than $10 million, with some 700 guests being entertained by the likes of Elton John. James’s mother Ros said it was “the wedding of the decade.”

When the pair split in June 2002, they issued a joint statement saying, “The Packers … remain the best of friends,” and seemed to have maintained that status quo, with Jodhi saying of James in 2016“My first husband … is the smartest person I know. So I often talk to him about all sorts of things, including business. Without question, he is always the smartest person in the room. So it’s amazing to be able to have him and there’s nothing that he doesn’t understand, there’s nowhere where he can’t go.”

Jodhi Meares and James Packer
James and Jodhi: the billionaire heir and the publican’s daughter (Credit: Getty Images)

9. What caused Jodhi Meares’s divorce?

With James and Jodhi seeming to have maintained their friendship for nearly two decades following their split, many wonder why the pair broke up in the first place. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there were a few factors, but the main one being that the down-to-earth Jodhi found the stifling life of a businessman’s wife hard to handle.

“She loathed the formal dinners, shunned the business world and begged to be excused from the fanfare that went with being married to the heir to Australia’s richest fortune,” the paper wrote back in 2002.

Jodhi Meares and Jon Stevens
Sad song: Jodhi Meares and Jon Stevens (Credit: Getty Images)

10. Who else has Jodhi Meares dated in the past?

As well as her two marriages, Jodhi has been engaged to Noiseworks’ frontman Jon Stevens. The pair had a three-year relationship before it ended suddenly in February 2015 with an argument that resulted in the police being called

As well as a mentioned boyfriend Craig Claridge, Jodhi is also rumoured to have dated Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin for 5 months after the designer and the Hawaii 5-0 star were photographed together at the 2011 GQ Awards. But it could just be that the pair were pals who knew each other, based on their mutual Aussie-Hawaii connection.

Jodhi Meares and Alex O'Loughlin
Were they or weren’t they? Jodhi Meares and Alex O’Loughlin in 2011. (Credit: Getty Images)

11. Has Jodhi Meares been caught drink driving?

Yes. In 2014, Jodhi was fined over a $1000 and had her license suspended for 12 months for drink driving after a serious car crash in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, where the designer hit three parked cars and rolled her Range Rover. Jodhi’s lawyer, Chris Murphy, said she had only had four and a half drinks and the police’s high blood alcohol reading of 0.181 was surprising, but the magistrate concluded, “I note that you were surprised as to the reading you have, but it would have been somewhat unusual for you not to have been feeling the effects of being intoxicated.”

12. What happened to Jodhi’s TV career?

After a few appearances on Getaway, Jodhi hosted the 2007 and 2008 seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model . But she did not enjoy the pressure of live TV, pulling out of the Australia’s Next Top Model finale before it went to air.


13. Is Jodhi Meares on instagram?

Yes, @jodhimeares.

14. What causes does Jodhi Meares support?

On her Instagram bio, Jodhi Meares says she is an RUOK ambassador, a supporter of marriage equality and a supporter of the Cambodian Children’s Trust. 

15. What is Jodhi Meares’s diet?

In 2018, Jodhi gave the low down on her diet to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I love juicing … The greener the better works for me, so I go for spinach, kale, etc.,” she says. “Surprisingly, it’s New York where it’s easiest to be healthy. I’ve really got into raw food there.”

And it’s not just what she eats, it’s those little added extras: “I’m mad about supplements and I love electrolytes. Water isn’t enough. I need to be super hydrated. I love all the [vitamin] B’s: B1, particularly when I’m using up heaps of mental energy. I love B12. And heaps of vitamin C and fish oil.” 

In 2010, Jodhi told WHO Magazine that she is a pescetarian, skipping the chicken and meat for lots of fish and veggies.

My favourite foods are quinoa, brown rice, leafy greens, hummus, falafel, lots of avocado and all Mexican foods. Come to think of it, probably too much Mexican food … I’m obsessed with really good bread. I love really grainy, classic bread and of course, Vegemite toast. I take Vegemite away with me,” she says.

16. Has Jodhi Meares had plastic surgery?

After her split with Jon Stevens in 2015, a selfie Jodhi posted showing a voluptuous chest had the Daily Mail speculating that the designer had had breast implants. But we can’t find that she has ever admitted to a boob job or a nose job. 

17. Has Jodhi Meares ever posed nude or topless?

Not that we could find. However, as a model and owner of swimsuit lines she has posed many times in a bikini.

18. What is Jodhi Meares doing now?

Jodhi Meares is the founder of THE UPSIDE. Of founding the label, she tells Sportsluxe,”I was living between Hawaii and New York at the time. I was deepening my yoga practice and I could see this huge movement in the wellness space happening. I knew the space needed something as fashion-forward as it was functional and so I began THE UPSIDE.”

19. Who does Jodhi Meares model for?

As well as launching her career with a Moove flavoured milk campaign in her teens, Jodhi’s curves made her a winner as a bikini model. She did promo work at the Formula One grand prix and was cover girl for Inside Sport magazine five times.

Lately, she has mainly been seen wearing her own labels, firstly Tigerlily, now The Upside.

20. How tall is Jodhi Meares?

A google search gives Jodhi Meares’s height as 1.71m tall, which, if correct, is shorter than the usual measurements for a model.

21. What are Jodhi Meares’s best fashion moments?

Here are some images of our favourite Jodhi Meares’s outfits:

Jodhi Meares 1993
1993 (Credit: Getty Images)
Jodhi Meares 2006
2006 (Credit: Getty Images)
Jodhi Meares 2007
2007 (Credit: Getty Images)
Jodhi Meares Ian Thorpe 2008
2008 (with Ian Thorpe) (Credit: Getty Images)
Jodhi Meares 2009
2009 (Credit: Getty Images)
Jodhi Meares 2013
2013 (Credit: Getty Images)

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