Nick Furphy exposes Jessika Power cheating

It explains their argument at the airport.
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Nick Furphy took to Instagram today to accuse Jessika Power of cheating on him on their Bali holiday in August.

WATCH: Nick Furphy exposes Jessika Power with footage of her cheating

The Married at First Sight star posted a video of his ex-girlfriend sharing a kiss with another man while on a motorbike, writing in the caption:

“I’m never one to cause drama or throw someone under the bus but when it comes to cheating I have zero tolerance. This happened on the 24th of aug. Someone Dm this to me early this morning. Not happy. The day before my birthday I was in Bali at Mrs Sippy with Jess and Tamara and some other friends. 7.30 that night the girls left for what was meant to be 20 minutes. I didn’t see Jess until 9 the next morning. I couldn’t even contact her. Not really the best way to spend your birthday morning. Now someone did say it was this guy months ago. I did confront Jess and she cracked it. So I just gave her the benefit of the doubt. It’s all out now. I’ve been amicable till now. Hope you learn something from this. And yes I should have known better.”

Jessika Power responds Nick Furphy video
Jessika Power could be seen sharing a kiss with an anonymous man on a motorbike. (Credit: Instagram)

Jessika has since responded to the claims.

“I didn’t cheat on Nick. I spent the entire night with Tamara,” the 27-year-old exclusively revealed to New Idea.

“Nick and I had been on the rocks the entire time and I decided to call time on our relationship after constant verbal fights with him,” she continued.

“As everyone knows, Nick and I split in Bali and in true Nick Furphy fashion he’s chasing another article.”

Jessika Power cheated on Nick Furphy
Jessika Power and Nick Furphy broke up in September this year. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple called it quits in September this year, after engaging in an explosive argument that shocked airport goers in Bali.

Jessika opened up about their split in an Instagram Q&A a week after they broke up.

The 27-year-old revealed she held no hostility towards her ex and claimed the relationship ended due to the “the pressure”.

“Basically what happened was I just felt like the pressure of the relationship just caused us to argue a little bit here and there and more often.” 

Jessika Power cheated on Nick Furphy
Jessika Power opened up about her split from Nick Furphy in September. (Credit: Instagram)

Jess continued: “Nick and I started off our relationship because we had really good banter and we got along really well.” 

“I just said to him ‘Don’t you feel it as well? That we’ve been fighting a lot. I don’t want us to hate one another and I don’t want us to not have a friendship down the track.'” 

Jess ended by wishing her ex well: “So it has ended. We have been civil to one another we haven’t been nasty. It’s not like we ended on bad terms, and I really do wish him the best for the future.” 

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