“Mums are funnier than dads:” Jess Rowe reveals how humour has kept her going

"I never need much of a push to try new things."
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Despite becoming something of a style sensation in recent years, when New Idea catches up with Jessica Rowe to discuss her latest project, the busy mum of two is still in her dressing gown! 

Armed with a cup of coffee and feeling relaxed after the madness of the morning school drop-off, Jess admits the calmness of pausing, even if to do an interview, is “quite lovely”. 

“I thought, ‘I’ll come back home and be by the window and do my chat,’” she says.

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Jess’s career, which now boasts TikTok fame and bestselling author credentials, has sky-rocketed since her early weather presenter days. 

And more sunny days are ahead – especially after the release of Jess’ latest venture, her new book Mum Jokes.

“I’m so excited! I just can’t believe it because I’m a terrible joke teller in the sense of long jokes. 

I don’t remember them, and I forget the punch line,” Jess confesses. 

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With a smile, she adds: “But I do love silliness! I think I’m hilarious. Even if my family don’t.”  

The idea for Mum Jokes came about during one of the many lockdowns.

Jess says she was “at a bit of a loose end” and found herself unable to do what she loves most, “talking to people” and entertaining them.

“I never need much of a push to try new things,” Jess tells New Idea. (Credit: Instagram)

Stuck at home with her husband, Peter Overton, and their daughters Allegra, 16, and Giselle, 14, Jess started telling jokes, which she would film and then post on social media.

“I would do that for my entertainment. My kids and husband would just think they were shocking, but the more they rolled their eyes, the more I would think, ‘I’m going to keep doing this.’ 

It just brought me joy.”

The popular TV presenter says that her “wonderful publishers”, Allen & Unwin, were extremely supportive and agreed with her when she said, “It’s time for a mum jokes book.”

One of the things Jess loves about her latest release is it’s family-friendly. Despite being surrounded by people who cuss, she has never been a “swearer” and you won’t find anything “untoward” in her book.

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While she had a ball telling jokes to her family, Jess’ love of crafting saw her going the extra step and making outfits to match her quips. 

For one, which centred around cows, she got creative. 

“I made a cow headband with pink ears and sparkly little horns that I stitched on,” she said. “If you can’t stitch it, you can use a glue gun,” says the crafty queen.

Jess loves to horse around with daughters Allegra and Giselle. (Credit: Instagram)

Jess is also a self-confessed “crazy cat lady” and explains that there are plenty of cat jokes to go around. 

“There’s really something for everyone!” Jess assures. 

When it comes to talking about her future endeavours, she is keen to keep the door wide open for more books.

“There’s over 500 jokes in this book, but there are thousands of mum jokes out there – the more the merrier!” she enthuses.

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