Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s split gets nasty

Despite claiming to be 'best friends', these Hollywood exes are far from friendly.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced they had split on February 15, saying ‘they were best friends’ who were ‘determined to maintain the deep respect and love’ for each other. But, it appears the Hollywood exes are far from friendly, with In Touch and Star magazine claiming the divorce has turned nasty.

In Touch’s explosive report claims that both Jen and Justin are incredibly hurt by their split, and the resentment is only growing as details of their troubled two-and-a-half year married leaks to the world. 

‘Both sides want their version of the truth out there,’ a source who claims to know both parties tells In Touch. ‘So it’s getting nasty.’ 

The insider adds, ‘While they’re pretending they’re still friends, they are clashing behind the scenes.’ 

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Tensions between the couple began to mount when Justin accused Jen’s Hollywood friends of leaking stories about the high-profile couple, In Touch’s sensational report claims. 

‘Justin definitely thinks Jen’s Hollywood friends are leaking stories to the media to make him look like he’s the bad guy,’ a source tells the publication. ‘Meanwhile, Jen and her pals are positive that Justin’s friends are doing the same.’ 

In Touch further reports that the couple’s inner circle have been forced to pick sides, leaving their friends torn and frustrated.

A friend of the couple’s tells the publication that Courtney Cox, Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka are firmly ‘Team Jen’, while Ben Stiller and Paul Rudd have aligned themselves with Justin. 

This source of tension has made matters worse between the pair, with an insider revealing to In Touch, ‘There is just so much animosity between them.’ 

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Star magazine has also reported that Justin was sick of Jen’s lavish lifestyle. 

An insider close to the actor reveals that he is ‘totally done pretending to be someone he’s not and honestly feels relieved.’ 

The magazine details how Jen and Justin’s inability to find a balance between their careers and personalities ultimately led the pair’s relationship to crumble. 

‘Justin always felt like he was the one doing all the compromising, and realised that he was creating a future he didn’t actually want,’ a friend tells Star. ‘Now, finally, he’s taking some time for himself, reconnecting with old friends and getting back to the way things were.’


Neither Jen or Justin have responded to In Touch or Star’s reports. 

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