Dumped again! Brad moves on from Jen

The actor has packed his bags.
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He’s saying goodbye to LA and moving home.

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s rebooted relationship has hit yet another road bump. New Idea hears the actor plans on leaving LA if he loses custody of his kids to ex-wife Angelina Jolie – but so far Jen isn’t factoring into his move.

brad and jen
Are they calling it quits, again? Jen is staying in LA while Brad retreats to Missouri – over 2769km away! (Credit: Getty)

For the last four years, Brad, who recently spent some time volunteering at a LA food bank, has been fighting tooth and nail to win joint custody. “He just wants it to be over,” says a source.

But Ange, 45, is once again trying to stall proceedings.

After she failed to get the presiding judge removed, she’s now asked that court-appointed psychologist Dr Stan Katz, who evaluated the former couple’s six children, be taken off the case and for his testimony to be thrown out.

If her request is granted, it would mean they’d have to restart the process with a different clinician.

Sources say Brad, 56, has had it with Angelina’s games.

brad and ange
Angelina Jolie (left) filed for divorce from Brad Pitt (right) in 2016. (Credit: Getty)

If, for some reason, the verdict doesn’t go his way, he wants to retreat to Missouri, where he grew up, to clear his head. He knows Hollywood will always be there for him, but for now he needs some time away.

Though, if the Fight Club star does make the move, there may not be much love lost with Jen, who is apparently wasting no time moving on from her ex-husband.

The 51-year-old has been reportedly preoccupied with a few potential younger flames, including 26-year-old Harry Styles.

jen and harry
Harry (right) recently sported the same top Jen wore in an episode of Friends. (Credit: Supplied)

Reportedly, the Friends star has her eye on the former boy-band member, who has previously admitted that Jen was his “first crush.”

Earlier in the month, a source close to Courteney Cox, Jen’s former co-star and lifelong friend, revealed that the Cougar Town star is a big advocate for the match, despite the age difference.

“Courteney is actually acting as a go-between for them,” explained the source. “She’s friends with Harry through Ed Sheeran, who used to crash on Court’s couch in the early days of his career.

“Thanks to Court’s attitude, Jen slowly came around to the idea. And as Harry has a reputation for being into women who are more, well, experienced than himself, let’s just say he has indicated he’s very interested.”

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