Meet Jamie Olivers’ gorgeous family of seven

He's more than just a celebrity chef!
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Jamie Oliver is every bit a family man as he is a celebrity chef. 

The 48-year-old shot to fame almost 25 years ago with his cooking program – The Naked Chef – in 1999 on the BBC and his name has been in the spotlight ever since. 

WATCH NOW: Jamie Oliver teaches his son how to make pancakes. Article continues after video. 

From healthy eating campaigns to his own restaurant chains, further television specials and series, countless cookbooks, and more, there isn’t a lot that Jamie hasn’t done – including MasterChef Australia. 

The award-winning cook first made an appearance in 2012 on season four of the show and is returned for the 2023 series, dubbed Secrets and Surprises. 

But in the hustle and bustle of his incredible career achievements, it’s easy to overlook his biggest personal achievements so far and his role as a doting dad to five beautiful children, and as a loving husband.

Such a beautiful family snap! (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Jamie Oliver’s wife?

Juliette “Jules” Oliver (nee Norton) married her husband in July 2000, but their love story began years before Jamie was a household name. 

The lovebirds were high school sweethearts and met when they were just 17. 

And despite leaving the United Kingdom for the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Japan for three months, Jamie was undeterred in his efforts to win over his future wife. 

“When I was 17 I worked in Tokyo for three months and every single day Jamie sent me a letter or a fax without fail!” Jools shared to her Instagram account. 

On their happy day! (Credit: Instagram)

In Mid 2021, Jamie opened up to The Australian Women’s Weekly about the love lessons he had learned after more than two decades of marriage. 

“I think you learn to love in lots of different ways,” Jamie said. 

“You learn to love the person you married but also, it’s exciting because the roller coaster of growing, becoming parents, getting older, having grey hairs and wrinkles, you can love all those bits. You don’t just love one bit.”

“I feel very lucky. I started dating Jools when I was 18. She’s been a really solid and utterly important part of my life and my job’s quite exciting.

“It expects quite a lot, and she’s my rock. She allows me to do my thing but then comes home and lets me be me…And I think she still quite likes me, which is really nice.”

These two haven’t aged a day! (Credit: Instagram)

In April 2023, Jamie and Jools celebrated 23 together by renewing their vows in an intimate beachside ceremony. 

“Yep, after 23 years together, we thought it would be a special moment to celebrate renewing our wedding vows before the kids all start leaving the nest,” Jamie wrote on his Instagram to his 9.5 million followers. 

“It was really special, funny, and romantic with the words in the ceremony making more sense having come this far together.

“It seems like a blink since the first wedding which we kept very private apart from the paparazzi at the village church we thought it would be a happy and joyful moment to share with you all this Easter. 

“We’ve always dreamed of going to the Maldives and it was just as you would have dreamed, simply amazing.”

Happy memories. (Credit: Instagram)

Six months later Jamie shared with The Times newspaper that whilst getting married again wasn’t really [his] “speed”, he enjoyed the experience. 

“It felt like I’d earned every word that I repeated from 23 years before,” he said. 

“I used to just be about ideas and energy and ploughing through. But once you’ve got scars and wounds and bruises…I’ve been through some stuff now, so everything means a lot more.”

All snuggled up together! (Credit: Instagram)

Who are Jamie Oliver’s children?

Alongside his wife Jools, Jamie has five beautiful children!

Their first, a girl, Poppy Honey Rose, was born in March 2002, closely followed by sister Daisy Boo Pamela in April 2003. 

After a short break, Jamie and Jools welcomed their third daughter to the world – Petal Blossom Rainbow in April 2009 – and their first son Buddy Bear Maurice in September 2010. 

A fifth and final child was born in August 2016 which the happy couple named River Rocket Blue Dallas. 

The couple does seem to have a penchant for unique names, don’t they?

Speaking again with The Times, this time about his experience as a “famous father,” Jamie said that his kids couldn’t care less. 

“Teenage kids do not want parents that are known. Being Jamie Oliver’s child doesn’t make life easier, I would say, but as with anything in life, they’ve had to learn.”

The whole family got together to celebrate Poppy’s 21st birthday! (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking with our sister publication The Australian Women’s Weekly in 2017, also Jamie said his was a household of healthy eaters. 

“I don’t want to be oversimplistic, but you can only eat s*** at home if you buy it in the first place, and we don’t buy it,” Jamie said. 

“It really is as simple as that. My wife [Jools] is even more hardcore than me, but if my boy wanted to grab a Coke, I would let him have one as a treat, at the fair or on holiday, of course. It wouldn’t get past my missus, but I’m fine with it,” he joked. 

“It’s really hard to eat badly when you’re buying the food.”

All together celebrating a family occassion (Credit: Instagram)

In a follow-up interview with another New Idea sister publication TV Week in 2019, Jamie even hinted at the possibility of a sixth Oliver child joining the clan after his wife Jools said she wanted one more. 

“I can give you a stronger answer, like, ‘Look, five is enough. I’m struggling already to get them in the car. I can’t even have a car anymore. I drive a f****** bus. We don’t need any more kids.’ But you would be under the idea that I have no control over this situation. So, we’ll see.” Jamie laughed. 

Imagine living here! (Credit: Supplied)

Where does Jamie Oliver live?

Mid-2019, the family of seven moved to Spains Hall – a historical Elizabethan country house located in Finchingfield, Essex County in the United Kingdom. 

Despite its heritage status, the property has been renovated immaculately and sits on a 70-acre estate that also includes a six-bedroom farmhouse, three-bedroom lodge, swimming pool, tennis court, and even converted stable!

The lavish country estate sure does sound like it has plenty of room for a family of seven!

This article originally appeared on our sister site Now to Love. 

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