James Stewart takes fans behind the scenes of Home & Away

"You never know what’s going to happen."
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Home and Away’s James Stewart has given fans of the show a glimpse into his favourite way to start the day on set.

WATCH: James Stewart takes Home & Away fans behind the scenes

In a behind-the-scenes video shared to the official Home & Away Instagram account, James, 45, was captured preparing for a typical day of filming at Palm Beach in Sydney.

“I’m going to show you my favourite way to start a day here at Summer Bay,” James began the video.

The actor, who plays Justin Morgan on the show, then elucidated his process as an actor and how he gets into character before a scene. 

James has given fans a behind the scenes glimpse into life on the set of Home & Away. (Credit: Instagram | @homeandaway)

“I’m going to go and get a little focused,” James said. “I like to find a little bit of a quiet place, gather my thoughts and connect with some of the scenes that I’ll be doing that day.”

The 45-year-old then strolled to a secluded part of the beach to rehearse his lines.

He went on to reveal that his “favourite part” of the job is “connecting with the partner (he) will be working with on the day”.

James has revealed his favourite part of his job is connecting with his scene partner. (Credit: Instagram | @homeandaway)

“That’s what this gig’s about,” James said. “It’s about relationships and that’s so fun because you never know what’s going to happen. You’ve got to listen, you’ve got to watch. I still love it.”

James has certainly had his acting chops put to the test as of late, with his recent storyline on the soap opera involving a pain killer addiction.

Last month, the 45-year-old spoke candidly about playing a “monster” to TV WEEK.

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“I put everything into this,” James told the publication. “I know so many actors that would love to run up the beach with a perfect six pack with a girl in a bikini a surfboard under their arm. But I love doing the dark kinds of things.”

He went on: “It’s OK to be ugly, it’s OK to have cracks. That’s why I’m proud of this storyline. Sure, I may have got a word or shot wrong, but I was proud of my approach to it.”

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