Jackson Warne pays tribute to his dad Shane Warne

“We didn't see him as anyone else other than just our dad.”
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As the son of one of the most famous cricket stars in Australia, Shane Warne, Jackson Warne is determined to live a life that his legendary father would have be proud of.

Recently paying tribute to Shane at a World Poker Tour game (which they used to play together) in honour of his father called the ‘Shane Warne One Day’a.’

Captioning the post, “It was an unbelievable turnout, dad would be so honoured and happy that’s there is a tournament in his name to carry on his legacy in the poker world.”

This is not the first time Jackson has made his dad proud, entering in the inaugural season of gruelling reality show SAS Australia, and from the beginning, declared: “I’m tougher than that. I want him to be really proud of me.”

WATCH: Jackson Warne stars in SAS Australia

A determined Jackson later echoed the sentiment while being interrogated by the intimidating DS (directing staff), insisting that while he enjoyed a privileged upbringing, he wanted to prove he could “still do the tough stuff.”

Heartbreakingly, Jackson also shared an insight into what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a famous father, adding that he didn’t want to be known as “Shane’s son” he “just wants to be Jackson.”

Jackson paying tribute to his dad Shane Warne at the 2023 World Poker Tour. (Credit: Instagram)

Early Saturday morning on March 5, Shane died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand aged 52. 

Along with Jackson, Shane is survived by his children Brooke, 24, and Summer, 20, whom he also shares with ex-wife Simone. Taking to Instagram to pay tribute to his father after his sudden death, Jackson insight into their close relationship.

“To my brother, my best friend, to my Dad, I love you so much. I don’t think anything is ever going to fill the void you have left in my heart,” he said.

“Sitting at the poker table, walking around the golf course, watching the Saints and eating pizza is never going to be the same but I know all you ever wanted for me is to be happy, no matter what.

“So, that’s what I’m going to do, try and be happy. Every day you told me how proud you were of me and I promise to try and keep making you proud. I am going to miss you so much Dad, I wish I could look you in the eyes 1 more time and give you one more hug.

“You were truly the best father and bestmate anyone could’ve asked for. I love you so much Dad, see you soon.”

Jackson Shane Warne
Shane previously admitted the one regret he has is the effect that his mistakes had on his family (Jackson as a child pictured with Shane). (Credit: Getty)

Before his tragic passing, Shane often shared photos of his kids on his Instagram account, and despite being cricket’s Spin King, he never forced any of his kids into the sport, including Jackson.

“I never pushed Jackson into cricket… He played it for a year, took a hat-trick – took four wickets in five balls – bowling a little bit of leg spin or with the seam, smashed a few with the bat,” he previously told the Herald-Sun before admitting the game “didn’t really grab him.”

In another interview with news.com.au, Jackson himself explained the pressure to live up to his father’s talents in the sport made it an unappealing prospect.

“I played one year when I was at school, and in one of the games it got in the newspaper and made some articles,” Jackson revealed.

“The whole pressure factor … I could never be that good, I could never try to be that good. The pressure and expectations … I just was not really interested.

“But when we were going through school, it didn’t matter what we wanted to do, Dad just wanted us to be happy.”

Jackson Shane Warne
Shane “never pushed” his son into cricket and Jackson never took it up because there was too much pressure. (Credit: Instagram)

And even though Shane made a name for himself thanks to his cricketing pursuits, Jackson added that he and his sisters didn’t see him as a “celebrity”.

“I think I speak for Brooke, Summer and myself, we don’t see him as anyone else other than just our dad,” Jackson said.

“We don’t see him as a legend. All the names people call him, we just see him like our dad and that’s it. We don’t feel privileged. He does what every dad loves to do.”

Jackson and Shane Warne
“We don’t see him as anyone else other than just our dad,” Jackson said. (Credit: Instagram)

As he took part on SAS Australia, Jackson further explained that it could be tricky growing up with so much public attention on the family.

“He knows that it was unfair for me, Brooke, and Summer growing up always in the limelight,” Jackson said, according to 7News.

“I don’t want to make sound like it is a bad thing, because I love my dad and I’m so proud to be his son, but it is a double-edged sword.

“We are very close – he’s my best friend, and we have conversations about it all the time. He always says, no matter what people say you should be proud to be my son. Of course I’m proud – and it’s also not his fault. I don’t have a choice who my dad is.

“I don’t want people to think I’m complaining or it’s a bad thing, because I’m so proud to be his son, but he knows it’s frustrating that I can’t just be a teenager growing up.”

Jackson Warne SAS Australia
“I’m so glad everyone got to see what a wonderful, caring and thoughtful young man Jackson is. Love you so much,” Shane wrote of his son after his SAS Australia exit. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While he eventually was forced to voluntarily withdraw from SAS Australia after pushing himself to the limits both physically and mentally, Jackson did a stellar job and made his dad proud.

After his departure, his dad shared a touching tribute to his beloved son.

“So proud of my son @jacksonwarne18 for pushing himself so hard on @sasaust7 !!” Shane wrote.

“Thankyou to @antmiddleton and everyone who supported Jackson on his amazing journey. I’m so glad everyone got to see what a wonderful, caring and thoughtful young man Jackson is. Love you so much.”

Mum Simone also shared a post gushing over her son, writing: “Proud Mum. Well done Jackson. Bravery is the audacity to be unhindered by failures, and to walk with freedom , strength and hope, in the face of things unknown…..Morgan Harper Nichols.”

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