MAFS stars turn on Jackson Lonie over his OnlyFans account

"Now tell me the kiss wasn't a set up for both their OnlyFans accounts."
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Jackson Lonie shocked fans over the weekend by announcing he’d followed in his girlfriend Olivia Frazer’s footsteps and joined OnlyFans.
WATCH: Jackson Lonie joins OnlyFans

But the 31-year-old has been met with backlash by fellow MAFS stars and fans for his decision to join the adult content site.

Season eight star Liam Cooper publicly questioned whether Jackson and Olivia’s recent cheating scandal was a PR stunt to promote their OnlyFans accounts.

Jackson Lonie
Jackson shared this photo to announce his OnlyFans debut. (Credit: Instagram)

“Now tell me the kiss wasn’t a set up for both their OF accounts and media around it?” he wrote, referencing Jackson’s hookup with a 20-year-old woman at a Melbourne bar.

MAFS season two bride Clare Verrall aired her own frustrations under Jackson’s announcement.

“I’m actually annoyed at myself for trying to give you & Oliva advice on dealing with the MAFS sh-tstorm because I was honestly worried about both your mental health in the aftermath,” she commented.

“You obviously both went onto it for very different reasons to me. awaits being blocked.”

Jackson Lonie
MAFS fans suggested Jackson’s cheating scandal was a ploy to drum up more interest in his OnlyFans. (Credit: Instagram)

But Jackson’s good mate and fellow season nine star Daniel Holmes rushed to his defence, replying to Clare: “Hey @clareverral put a plug in it.”

Olivia shared her support for her partner, simply commenting: “🤤 💦”.

But The Bachelor alum Kiki Morris also criticised Jackson’s motives for joining OnlyFans, commenting: “This is repulsive”.

Meanwhile, MAFS fans claimed Jackson’s new social media move proves he “only went on the show for fame”.

Olivia Frazer
Jackson and Olivia are both on OnlyFans now. (Credit: Instagram)

“This is just embarrassing at this point,” one viewer wrote, while another commented: “You’re very pompous now, not like on the show at all.”

“They staged their cheating scandal, then upped their numbers on Instagram, then did a hard launch of their only fans. Was all calculated,” said another.

Olivia joined OnlyFans last month while Jackson announced his debut on the adult content site last week with a shirtless dancing video.

“Big venture, a lot of you have already guessed it. That’s it, I’m startin’ an OnlyFans. Get involved. Click the link, let me know what you think and subscribe,” he shared to his 126,000 Instagram followers.

Jackson Lonie
(Credit: Instagram)

Then on Saturday, Jackson shared a shirtless selfie where he was seen suggestively grabbing his crotch.

“Link in bio” the caption simply read. When Instagram users click on the link, it takes them to Jackson’s OnlyFans account where he is offering subscriptions for $9.99 a month.

“If you think you know me…” his biography on the site reads.

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