Home & Away’s Ada shares epic throwback snap from Heartbreak High days

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Home & Away’s Ada shared an epic throwback snap from Heartbreak High days on Friday. 

Taking to Instagram, the actress wrote: ‘Blast from the past, very early photo from Heartbreak high days.’ 

She accompanied the words with an images taken many years ago showcasing the cast in their early days. 


Fast forward to today and Ada’s character Leah recently had a red hot sizzling romance with Justin, played by James Stewart. 

Ada spoke about how she felt the shock pairing saying: “it was surprising at first, because the characters haven’t had that much to do with each other.

“They’ve both been involved in quite different storylines – but then, it sort of makes sense. Leah and Justin are a similar age and they’re the ones who always seem to look after everyone else.

“But I think they’ve also both got to a stage in their lives where they need a friend to chat to and are ready to have a bit of fun.”

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