From friends to marriage material: Inside Guy and Jules Sebastian’s love story

Surprisingly, there was no "love at first sight" shared between these two!
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Despite being one of Australia’s most famous celebrity couples, you’ll be surprised to know that it was no “love at first sight” or “meet cute” moment that fanned the flames of Guy and Jules Sebastian’s love affair.

In fact, the couple come from humble beginnings, meeting as children when they both sang in their local church choir.

“We were very young when we first met, but it was definitely not love at first sight,” Jules candidly admitted to Mamamia in 2021. 

“We were amongst our group of friends and I knew who he was and I knew he was around but I never really noticed him until we were asked to sing together at a mutual friend’s wedding,” she added. 

“[At the wedding] it was the first time I actually noticed him. I wouldn’t say that I was head over heels, but I was like, ‘Oh, you’re kind of cute. I’ve never really noticed you before.”‘

From that moment on, Jules described her and Guy as “inseparable” becoming “really good friends for about a year or so, until it turned romantic.” 

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guy sebastian and wife jules sebastian on their wedding day
Jules and Guy got married on May 17, 2008. (Credit: Instagram)

Jules and Guy celebrated 16 years of marriage on May 17, 2024. “These two babies had no idea what the next 16 years would hold, but boy I’m glad we held on for the ride!” Jules wrote alongside a throwback picture from their wedding day in 2008.

“Happy Anniversary to the man who has been by my side through every stage, phase and season. You are a wonder @guysebastian and I’m so proud of us. Love you so much. Another 16 years? Let’s do this! ❤️”

Jules and Guy prove to have an unbreakable bond that derives from the close friendship they also share.

In a 2020 interview with 60 Minutes, Guy divulged that being “best mates” with Jules had helped the couple set a strong foundation for their relationship: “I think that’s what goes us through life,” the singer admitted, his wife agreeing. 

“Having a basis of friendship has really gotten us through all of the things that we have gone through,” Jules said. 

Gushing about his wife, Guy added: “She’s a gem and she’s my rock.”

a selfie of jules and guy sebastian smiling
A solid friendship was the base for a strong relationship says Jules (Credit: Instagram)

In 2003, Guy auditioned for the inaugural season of Australian Idol (which he went on to win), catapulting him into stardom. 

Whilst Guy rode the wave of his Australian Idol victory, he and Jules did long distance for two years as Guy moved from his hometown of Adelaide to Sydney to focus on his music career. Eventually, Jules joined him. 

“I ended up moving to Sydney, and that was probably when I had to navigate a bit more of the normal day-to-day in the life of Guy Sebastian, I suppose, and just figuring that out,” Jules said. 

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the pair, Guy admitting in a September 2023 interview with Sunrise that he and Jules had “secretly split” prior to Guy rising to fame on Australian Idol and that Jules had broken his heart. 

“I didn’t think we would get back together. I was 18 when we first got together and I think she was 21 (when we broke up) and she kind of broke my heart,” Guy revealed to Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington. 

“She broke up with me and then Idol happened and I moved to Sydney. But you live life and then you realise, ‘Oh, my gosh, I had so much history, she always loved me for me. She’s always been the same.”

jules sebastian and guy sebastian laughing on their wedding day
The couple married in 2008. (Credit: Instagram)

The singer then revealed that he was the only boyfriend his wife had ever had: “I think she’s very loving, very smart and emotionally intelligent and so there’s so much that I lack where…I might blow up over something and it’s always Jules who is my calming force that will help me see things a bit more clearly.”

“And me, her as well. I think we balance each other out well. I love her more now than ever so it’s amazing.”

After eight blissful years of dating, the couple tied the knot in Manly in 2008 before setting off on a romantic European honeymoon. 

In May 2023, the couple celebrated an incredible 15 years of marriage, and 23 years together. 

“Married to the best person I know for 15 years today,” Jules captioned a sweet throwback snap of her and Guy on their wedding day. 

jules and guy sebastian dressed up posing for a picture as they smile at eachother lovingly
These two are just as in love as they were when they first met more than 20 years ago! (Credit: Instagram)

They then went on the welcome two sons into the world – Hudson and Archie – born in 2012 and 2014 respectively, completing their family of four. 

In an exclusive interview with our sister publication Now to Love, Jules called motherhood a “life-changing experience.”

“When you have a baby, everything changes at that moment, and all of a sudden you just become fiercely protective of this little person.”

“Motherhood means so many things because it is literally every waking minute of your day you are thinking about somebody else, it’s just how you are as a mum, so you just do it.”

Speaking with our other sister publication WHO, Guy revealed that Jules had taken to parenting like a pro. 

“I think you have a newfound love for your partner when you see them in a role like that – nurturing and looking after the people that matter most to you. She’s killing it!”

jules and guy sebastian with their two sons while standing in the snow on a holiday
Just look at those smiles! (Credit: Instagram)

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the couple, Guy revealing that Jules had actually dumped him in the early stages of their relationship for being a “bad boyfriend.”

“She left me before. I was a rubbish boyfriend and I was never there…I was not a gentleman. I didn’t believe in opening doors,” Guy told the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2017. 

“It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche,” he added. 

Speaking with Now to Love, Jules has also previously admitted that “it can’t be all rainbows and unicorns every day.”

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