Grant Denyer shares exciting milestone with daughter Sunday

“Best early Father’s Day present EVER!”
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Grant Denyer has been blessed with an early Father’s Day present as he caught daughter Sunday’s first word on camera.

WATCH BELOW: Grant Denyer Catches Daughter’s First Word On Camera

Sharing the adorable footage to Instagram on Thursday night, the TV presenter gushed over his baby girl in the caption.

“Sunday’s first word!!! 😍 oh my heart. Best early Father’s Day present EVER!” he wrote.

The clip shows Sunday, born in February of this year, babbling happily in her pink bouncer while her dad looks on.

Her chatting consists mostly of the sound “da”, then suddenly she pauses before saying “dad” loud and clear.

grant denyer sunday
Proud dad Grant Denyer with his daughter Sunday. (Credit: Instagram)

Grant was thrilled that his little girl’s first word was “dad”, especially with Father’s Day just days away.

He poked fun at wife Chezzi Denyer in the caption, writing: “P.S sucked in @chezzidenyer we have a clear WINNER cause it’s VERY clear that it’s ‘Dad’ she’s saying.

“Which of course we all know means, she officially loves me more. I’m sorry you had to find out this way 😎”

Of course, Sunday may have had a little bit of help from her dad, Grant sharing his secret technique to teach his daughter the word.

grant denyer daughters
Grant shares three daughters with wife Chezzi. (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s certainly not the hours of me saying it to her when you’re not looking that’s responsible. Honestly,” he joked.

“It’s obviously straight from her heart and the heart wants what the heart wants. Who can argue with that cute face?”

He has a point – Sunday is downright adorable!

She’s the youngest of Grant and Chezzi’s three daughters, and as far as we know Sailor, 10, and Scout, five, adore their little sister.

grant chezzi denyer daughter
“Once a Daddy’s girl, always a Daddy’s girl. Sorry Chez, you can’t beat true love or biology.” (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, it will be Grant who will be soaking up the love and attention over the weekend.

He’ll probably still be basking in the joy of his baby girl’s first word when the big day rolls around, if the last lines of his Instagram post are anything to go by.

“Once a Daddy’s girl, always a Daddy’s girl. Sorry Chez, you can’t beat true love or biology,” he said.

“Or at least you can’t beat my intensive secret training sessions where we practiced it over and over.”

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