Russell Crowe shares a rare family photo with his kids in Rome

The Gladiator star returned to the site of his most famous movie role.
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Russell Crowe found time to explore the city of Rome with his family this week, where the actor is currently filming his new movie, The Pope’s Exorcist

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The actor visited the Colosseum with his two sons Charles, 18, and Tennyson, 16, as well as his girlfriend Britney Theriot, 31, joking on Twitter that he was “taking the kids to see my old office.”

Russell and Britney confirmed their long-rumoured relationship while being photographed kissing on a tennis court back in November 2020.

He is believed to have met the actress-turned-real-estate-agent on the set of his 2013 film Broken City.

Russell Crowe
The Gladiator star returned to the site of his most famous movie role. (Credit: Twitter)

The 58-year-old actor starred as Maximus in Sir Ridley Scott’s Gladiator over two decades ago alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

 Returning to the site of his most famous movie role, Russell Crowe delighted fans with a number of photos of the family day out.

 “Quello che facciamo in vita riecheggia nell’eternità,” Russell captioned a series of pics on Twitter, an Italian translation of his famous Gladiator line, “what we do in life echoes in eternity.”

Russell Crowe family
“Taking the kids to see my old office.” (Credit: Twitter)

The Kiwi-born actor continued to share details of the family’s trip around Rome, sharing a snap from the Trevi Fountain, explaining to fans that it is “one of my favourite places in the universe.”

Russell also shared touching details about his trip to the Sistine Chapel the following day.

He took to Twitter to reveal the “special experience” his family had at the Vatican Museum, explaining that his mother had visited the same place with his father over  20 years ago.

Russell Crowe
Russell and his sons Charles and Tennyson (Credit: Twitter)

“This time, with arrangements in place, we pushed her in a wheelchair down those same corridors. No tourist crowd, just us. My dad passed in 2021, but of course every fascinating corridor has its memories for her, directly associated to him,” he explained.

Russell revealed the heartbreaking moment his mother told him that she wished his father was there and the amazing moment they experienced walking out to the balcony. 

“We stepped on to the balcony, a majestic sweeping view of Rome. From somewhere in the Vatican we could hear the Swiss Guard band rehearsing… It took me a few moments to realize they were playing “Danny Boy“, one of the songs we played at his funeral.” 

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