Farmer Matt reveals what fans DIDN’T see of Tara’s shock exit

"I was definitely hurt."
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Uprooting your life to head to a farm and compete with a number of ladies for the attention of one single man isn’t the most traditional method for finding love, but that’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

It isn’t, however, for everyone and that was proven when Tara stunned viewers and Farmer Matt by opting to leave the show.

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Just as it appeared Farmer Matt was preparing to send one or possibly even two of his other ladies home, Tara pulled him aside to confess she wasn’t coping and needed to leave.

Speaking to New Idea, the 26-year-old country bloke admits he was completely blindsided.

“I was definitely shocked,” Matt admits, “There wasn’t too much indication that she was going to leave the farm.

“I feel like the girls might have had a little bit of an idea that she was struggling more than I knew.”

Everything seemed to be going so well with Tara. (Credit: Seven)

Matt was understanding as Tara confessed the process was much more difficult than she ever could have anticipated and didn’t rule out meeting up outside of the show.  

“I think it was more that the experience was more difficult than she thought it was going to be, and we were all in the same boat there.

“I think she thought ‘I don’t think this is for me, maybe it’s time I leave and if you contact me outside of the show maybe we can catch up there’.”

Matt was devastated by Tara’s departure, but could they catch up after the show? (Credit: Seven)

Despite his understanding, Matt couldn’t conceal his feelings.

“I was definitely hurt; I really was feeling something for her.

“When she left I thought ‘Okay, where do I go from here’. It was a lot for one night.”

Luckily, he had three ladies remaining, who were there to try lift his spirits.

“The girls are great and we all hung out. They’re very good company but I kind of just took some time for myself to think about why this has happened and where we go from here,” he said.

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