Did MAFS’ KC Osborne just confirm she hooked up with Michael after the show?

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Married At First Sight star KC Osborne has addressed rumours she hooked up with Michael Goonan from the hit reality-TV show.

The brunette beauty – who wed “husband” Drew Brauer on the hit series – spoke to Hit FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron, where she further fuelled speculation that she hooked up with the millionaire after the experiment ended.

WATCH: MAFS’ KC basically confirms she’s dating Michael Goonan

“The one thing that bothered me is i never ever, ever cheated on my husband during the experiment and i know he will be the first one back me up on that,” said KC.

She continued: “It’s so crazy, him and i were talking about it yesterday and we were actually having a bit of a laugh and there are rumours and stories that are coming out that Michael and have hooked up in the experiment and all that stuff is just absolutely false.

“We always got along super well and yeah that’s all i’m going to say about that.”

“Have you hooked up AFTER the experiment?” quizzed the radio host.

'Drew and KC. Hmm. They’re cute,’ Stacey told the camera.
Stacey and KC didn’t hit it off for the get-go. (Credit: Nine)

“You know everything is going to reveal itself after the experiment,” replied the dance instructor.

“So that’s a yes?” pushed the host.

“I’m not saying, i’m not saying,” said KC

“So mark that down as a yes” said the host, before asking: “So what draws you to him?” 

KC replied: “The thing i like about Michael is, he is just very honest. He’s not sneaky, he’s not shady. If he goes behind your back, he’s gonna tell you”.

'Stacey didn’t really welcome KC that well… she was welcomed kind of like a fart in a space suit,’ said Michael.
KC has all but confirmed that she hooked up with Michael after the experiment. (Credit: Nine)

There was certainly no harmony between KC and Michael’s “wife” Stacey Hampton when they first met on the show. 

When the 31-year-old KC and her “husband” arrived at their first dinner party, she sent shockwaves through the room.

Clearly still feeling tender after last week’s cheating scandal, where Michael kissed co-star Hayley Vernon, Stacey seemed to perceive KC as a threat.

'You don’t seem happy,’ KC remarked to Stacey.  'I’m happy,’ was Stacey’s curt response.
Things were ice cold when the pair first met. (Credit: Nine)

“It’s like Bold and the Beautiful walk in. They’re super cute. They’re a little bit too good looking that couple,” said Mishel.

“Drew and KC. Hmm. They’re cute,” Stacey told the camera.

“I don’t know about ‘hot.’ I was just, like, uh?” she said, convincing precisely no-one.

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