Derryn Hinch: My shame over sex with teen girl

It was a 'dreadful mistake'

Describing it a ‘dreadful mistake’, prominent sex abuse campaigner Derryn Hinch admitted in his 2004 autobiography that he slept with a 15-year-old girl.

In the autobiography, titled The Fall and Rise of Derry Hinch, the broadcaster said he met the girl at one of Molly Medlrum’s parties. Initially thinking she was 25, he took the girl to dinner only to find out she was 15.

In the book he says he never saw her again.

In a blog post on his website titled A Personal Postscript, Hinch said: ‘About ten years ago, in my book, The Fall and Rise of Derryn Hinch, I admitted that in my thirties I had had sex with a 15-year-old girl.

‘I repeated the admission on 3AW and Andrew Bolt demanded I should be prosecuted.

‘In the book, I explained how a man could make a dreadful mistake: That she was a model, featured in fashion and lingerie ads in magazines like Vogue and Women’s Weekly, I met her about 3am at a party at Molly Meldrum’s, thought she was about 25, and we later went to dinner.

‘When I discovered her age I never saw her again.’

It turns out; Hinch’s memory had deceived him.

‘Recently, out of the blue, a genuine blast from the past. She asked to join me on [Facebook] as a friend, he continued.

‘We have since met and had lunch. She chided my poor memory: “You had just started at 3AW, so it was 1979. I was born in 1961. Do your sums. I was 18”.

‘Well, she wasn’t. She was 17 and a half. But certainly not 15.

‘I don’t expect the pathological haters to believe me. I don’t care. But she had a message for them: “Get a life”.’

Hinch was elected to the Senate as a result of Saturday’s election. He has been jailed twice and fined $100,000 for breaching court orders.

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