Chrissie Swan: Why I’m unashamed of co-sleeping

The star opens up on a controversial subject

Tackling the sometimes taboo topic of co-sleeping, Chrissie Swan says she loves having her kids sleeping with her and, despite what many parenting experts say, she wouldn’t have it any other way!


The confession comes after Seven Year Switch couple Tim and Jackie were slammed by Instagram followers for co-sleeping with their baby, Chadwick, with one distressed fan pointing out that there are real physical dangers to babies. 

But Chrissie is unapologetic of sleeping with her older kids. ‘Of all the things in the parenting books that I read and tried to implement, the one thing I’m so glad I eventually ignored was the “never let your kids sleep with you” rule,’ she says. ‘They’re big enough to go to bed in their own beds but they always, always end up wedged between me and Chris. Especially Peg.

‘Waking up with them next to me and watching them as they sleep in, and feeling their warm little bodies and bony knees in bed at night next to mine is honestly one of my life’s greatest joys.’

Acknowledging the topic of co-sleeping is a divisive one for parents, Chrissie says she knows it’s ‘a personal choice’ and she ‘understand[s] if it’s not for you’.

‘Don’t let experts make you feel bad. They’ll stay all night in their own beds eventually… and I for one will miss them.’

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