Celeb Apprentice stitch up: The shock moment you didn’t see on TV!

The invisibility cloak must've been pulled over our eyes.
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Remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs somehow manages to get the entire manuscript for the yet-to-be-released final Harry Potter book?

It’s a little unforgettable to us for an obvious reason – that being the feat was, um, completely unrealistic.

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But lo and behold, it turns out there are some real life Andy Sachs walking among us – but they’re certainly not wearing Chanel boots.

In fact, they’re not even wearing anything remotely designer, and that’s because we’re talking about Ross Noble.

Yeah, you heard us.

Ross Noble (far left) managed the snag the ultimate surprise on Celeb Apprentice, but it never made the cut. (Credit: Channel Nine)

The British comedian is currently giving Celebrity Apprentice Australia a red-hot go, and has been quite the standout personality in the revived 2021 season.

But it’s what he’s done off the screen that’s really knocked us for six.

Apparently, the bloke managed to snag individually signed copies of Harry Potter from the one and only J.K. Rowling and give them out to the kids involved with the latest sleepover challenge.

An insanely big feat if you ask us – while ol’ J.K. has recently voiced some very controversial opinions of late (unsurprisingly seeing her popularity take a tumble), she’s still the creator of one of the world’s most beloved literary empires.

So yeah, you could say the gesture from Ross would’ve sparked at least a jaw-drop and widened eyes. Only thing is, it didn’t make the cut.

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Yeah, we’re also scratching our heads and saying “huh?!”.

As revealed on this morning’s instalment of Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, fellow Celeb Apprentice co-star Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli dropped the Hagrid-sized bombshell on listeners.

“Ross Noble got onto a friend of his, J.K. Rowling and said, ‘We want copies of Harry Potter signed by you for each kid’,” Wippa explained.

“She wrote back, ‘Not a problem, send me their names so I can autograph them and write to them in the books’. So every kid that left the party has a signed copy of Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling.”

Okay, yep, just a small little thing that absolutely none of us knew about.

Unsurprisingly, Ross, Wippa and Josh Gibson’s team won the challenge (we also would’ve given the ol’ scorecard a boost even with unsigned-but-free copies of the glorious books), launching the three into the top five remaining contestants.

Celeb Apprentice Shaynna Blaze Ross Noble Sherri briggs
It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for the stars on the show. (Credit: Channel Nine)

And it turns out that wasn’t the only thing tampered with in the final cut of that episode.

Wippa was also noticeably absent from the crux of the challenge which was down to a bout of gastro, he later revealed on the show.

But perhaps we should take this with an erm, Hungarian Horntail-sized grain of salt, because Wippa clarified what actually happened during his radio segment.

“Last night there was an edit that was done on me where it made me sound like I said I had Gastro, I never, ever said I had Gastro,” he explained.

“In fact I said ‘they said it could be Gastro, I don’t have Gastro.'”

Huh. Interesting stuff. Guess detective Wippa is truly onto something here. Call him the Albus Dumbledore of Celeb Apprentice – all knowing, fights for the truth, and has a penchant for sweet stuff.

We’ll be waiting with sherbet lemons for his next revelation.

This story originally appeared on our sister site Now To Love.

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