Stan’s hilarious new series C*A*U*G*H*T see’s Home and Away alum reunite

This is like nothing we've seen before.
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Former Home and Away stars Rebecca Breeds and Lincoln Younes have reunited for the hilarious Stan Original series C*A*U*G*H*T.

WATCH NOW: The trailer for Stan’s new series C*A*U*G*H*T. Article continues after the video. 

C*A*U*G*H*T isn’t like any other war series seen before, as four Australian soldiers are sent on a secret mission to a war-torn country when they become captured and ‘tortured’ – well at least that’s what it looks like on video.

“Mistaken for Americans, they are captured by freedom fighters and produce a hostage video that goes viral, achieving celebrity status on social media,” the description read on Stan.

In the trailer, released on August 23, the soldiers hilariously explained how un-American they were: “We’re Australian, like Crocodile Dundee!”.

Lincoln stars as one of the captured soldiers. (Credit: Stan)

Lincoln plays one of the unfortunate soldiers captured, while Rebecca’s character “Josie Justice” goes on the hunt to bring them home when she appears to discover it was an act.  

“So they weren’t really kidnapped?” she asks.

“No they were kidnapped, they just want to be famous,” another responded.

The new Stan series, C*A*U*G*H*T, features six episodes set to be released on September 28, 2023.

Rebecca’s character is “Josie Justice.” (Credit: Stan)

Among the Home and Away alum is Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon, Travis Fimmel and Dowton Abbey’s Tuppance Middleton.

Meanwhile, there are also plenty of Australian faces is the cast list including Ben O’Toole, Alexander England, Mel Jarnson, Fayssal Bazzi and Dorian Nkono.

But the biggest surprise cast is television journalist, Allison Langdon who makes a cameo in the trailer announcing that the soldiers have disappeared. Even Today host Karl Stefanvoic joins in on the fun!

“The world wants them home. The government wants them gone. They just want to go viral.”

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