Carrie Bickmore on The Project: ‘It was terrible!’

Carrie reflects on the last 10 years
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After announcing to a shocked audience at the 2019 Logie Awards that The Project’s first episode was ‘terrible’, Carrie Bickmore has decided to elaborate on the failings of the now cult show’s first year. 

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Speaking with The Central Telegraph, Carrie – a Gold Logie winner – revealed the first episode of The Project (then titled The 7 pm Project) was ‘terrible’: “I still remember our first episode – it was terrible.

“(Dave) Hughesy remarked at the end of it that was his career done. I remember thinking, sh*t, if that is what Hughesy is saying I have no hope.”

Winning the Most Popular Panel or Current Affairs Program at the Logies, The Project has proved its original panellist wrong and will celebrate 10 years on the air this Friday. 

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As for whether she would watch that ill-fated pilot episode, Carrie told The Central Telegraph that she wishes to push it out of her mind. 

“Oh, mate. I’m not game enough to watch it back.

“The first show was always going to be tricky – it was a completely new format, a completely new idea. I wasn’t even convinced that our hosts knew what it was when we went to air.

“I don’t think it was great. I think all of us were happy to get to night two and surprised we were given another night. To be here 10 years later is really cool.”


As for why she stayed on, Carrie said she refused to give up on her colleagues: “I get to work with people who are bloody good at their job. I’ve worked with Pete (Helliar) since I was 25, and he’s brilliant.

“He’s one of the funniest people in this country, and I get to watch him do his thing every night. Then you’ve got Waleed (Aly) who’s the master broadcaster – he’s so calm and unflappable, which is such a helpful energy to sit next to in a live show when news is breaking.” 

Thank god Carrie held in there!

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