Carrie Bickmore’s partner sprung naked on Skype call for a SECOND time

He has denied colleagues’ claims he was masturbating.
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Chris Walker, who fans may know better as Carrie Bickmore’s partner, has again been left red-faced after he stripped off while unknowingly still on a Skype call with a slew of colleagues.

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According to the Herald Sun, the TV producer appeared during a video chat during an online rehearsal meeting for The Weekly television comedy program on May 17.

After believing the Skype call was over, Chris stripped off naked while the call was still going, though he has denied colleagues’ claims he was masturbating.

It’s not the first time Chris has been caught starkers on a video call! (Credit: Getty)

According to the publication, the latest incident was viewed by “at least nine people and lasted between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.”

A spokesperson for Chris, who has been enjoying a European sabbatical with long-term partner Carrie, told news.com.au: “Chris was undressing to get into the shower.”

An ABC spokesperson told New Idea that staff members who were on the call have been offered counselling, though insisted the incident was “unintentional”.

“The ABC is aware of an unintentional incident which occurred involving the production team for The Weekly,” the statement began.

Chris is currently enjoying a sabbatical in Europe with Carrie. (Credit: Instagram)

“The ABC is in regular communication with the relevant team members and are in the process of developing strategies to ensure an incident of this nature does not occur again.

“The ABC has a counselling service available to all ABC employees which has been offered in this instance.”

It’s not the first time Chris has been seen in his birthday suit on the video calling platform – back in November, Carrie revealed on her Carrie and Tommy podcast that the father of two of her children walked in on her video call that featured journalists from around the world. 

“I turn around to see Chris, leaning against the door, no pants or underwear. Porky-piggy with his morsels outside. Standing there, like, completely [half] asleep saying, ‘What’s going on? Why is everyone yelling? What is all that noise about?” she remembered.

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While she believed that a naked Chris was out of frame, it soon dawned on her that everyone could see her sleepy, naked partner, with many of them laughing at the awkward mishap.

“Full-frame in the corner [of the screen] was Chris with his meat and veg, just standing there for the entire world’s press to see,” Carrie said.

New Idea has reached out to Chris Walker, Carrie Bickmore and ABC for comment.

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