Captain Jason Chambers teases “wild” season ahead for Below Deck Down Under

Plus, 'Captain Cutie' tells all about his new partnership with BONDS.
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From July 18th, a sizzling new season of Below Deck Down Under will be sailing away on our screens, with Captain Jason Chambers aka ‘Captain Cutie’ leading the way. 

Taking the wheel of an unforgettable, full-throttle charter season with a lively new crew and wild guests in the stunning waters of Far North Queensland, Captain Jason has hinted at a drama fuelled season ahead. 

From love pentagons to unexpected newcomers and clashes within the crew, the season is sure to be a rockin’, and we sure can’t wait to tune in!

WATCH NOW: Below Deck Australia’s Jason Chambers takes the lead in BONDS campaign. Article continues after video. 

To celebrate the launch of the new season, New Idea sat down with Captain Jason to talk all things luxury yachting, what fans can expect from our brand-new cast members, and his ambassadorship role with BONDS. 

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They don’t call him ‘Captain Cutie’ for nothing… (Credit: Hayu)

What can fans expect from the new season of Below Deck Down Under? 

The best thing this season is we’re going to showcase [the] far North Queensland of Australia, Cairns. 

You’ll see a lot more underwater action and marine life. Without a doubt, there is a hell of a lot more crew drama and some entertaining guests on board this year, that’s for sure. 

This season you are working with a brand new crew (with the exception of Aesha), what was that like and how did they compare with your season one yachties?

It’s definitely great to have Aesha back again, and the crew this year didn’t seem to hold back at all.

Last year’s crew…a majority were wonderful to work with and we got it together in the end.

You will find that there will be a few hurdles this year the crew will need to get over to get the job done. 

Captain Jason has taken up an ambassadorship role with BONDS. (Credit: Hayu)

In the trailer, we see you do everything from strip down to your briefs as you deliver food, to serving breakfast in bed, and even hand-feeding a bite to a female guest…Is there anything you wouldn’t do to keep your guests happy?

Yeah, wearing the Speedos Smugglers, well that’s where I probably draw the line, but I was totally forced into that by Aesha, with a cheeky grin.

Sometimes, the captains gotta step up and lead the way and that opens the floodgates for all the other crew to [get loose] and get involved.

WATCH NOW: Below Deck Down Under Season Two Trailer. Article continues after video. 

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How do you feel about your fan-given nickname ‘Captain Cutie?’

I suppose I have to wear the name Capt. Cutie now that it’s out there. 

I probably could’ve thought of a better one but I’ll hold it…it’s mine. Sometimes you don’t get to pick your own nickname. 

What do you love most about BONDS’ Total Package Undies and how did your ambassadorship role with BONDS come about? 

Let’s face it, you’re not an Australian unless you wear BONDS!

The funny story is it started with a post on Instagram from Benny from season one [of Below Deck Down Under] and I responded with my BONDS on in the wheelhouse. 

Since then, luckily enough I’ve become an ambassador of BONDS. They’re such an iconic Australian brand that I always use and the news BONDS total package undies are perfect. I hope I get a year’s supply.

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